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  1. Loving Mickey

    VOTE for your 20 Favourite 'The Eyes Have It' Photos: June 22 Picture of the Month

    Just remembered to vote as I saw @mani reminder post. As others have stated, very difficult to choose only 20. All the kitties are so sweet looking with their bright little eyes. I had to keep eliminating from my list, which made me feel so bad. I felt like the kitties were looking at me...
  2. Loving Mickey

    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    Hi @Jcatbird I haven't been on the site in quite sometime, so I need time to get caught up. I did browse through some of your thread, and seen that Smokey and BJ have passed. I think that is what I read. If I am wrong, I greatly apologize! However, if I am right in what I believe I read, I am...
  3. Loving Mickey

    Competition: Picture of the Month June 2022: The Eyes Have It!

    All such beautiful kitties, and bright gorgeous eyes. It certainly will hard to vote. All the kitties are winners in my eyes!
  4. Loving Mickey

    Competition: Picture of the Month June 2022: The Eyes Have It!

    ENTRY Shadow, trying to hide his beautiful eyes, while resting in his orange pumpkin.
  5. Loving Mickey

    Roomie neglects cat now wants to take him

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. No, he should not have his cat back. He is not a responsible owner. In fact, I wouldn't even call him the owner. You are. You love and care for that cat. He never did. He may show up to claim the cat just out of spite. Maybe he wants you to offer...
  6. Loving Mickey

    Pallina, The Cat Who Went To Belgium

    Antonio, my dear friend, I am so sorry that you are still blaming yourself for being asleep when Pallina left you. As Di stated above, she wanted to spare you any pain. She knew you would be devastated over her loss, and she wanted to try her best to ease your pain. Believe me , we all blame...
  7. Loving Mickey

    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    @Jcatbird I am back again, trying my best to catch up. First, I am so so sorry on the loss of Smokey. I know there are no words to ease the pain of her loss. I was worried when you had stated that the cancer had spread to the lungs. They usually don't have much time once that happens. I know...
  8. Loving Mickey

    Picture of the Month Competition July 2021: Sitting Pretty

    ENTRY Mittens RIP my precious Mittens, missed more than you will ever know!
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    Thanks so much @Lari ! You are very sweet!
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    The Ic Game

  11. Loving Mickey

    Cat puns!

    I am having a meowvelous day !
  12. Loving Mickey

    A-z Game: Two Ns Only

    S Sunny
  13. Loving Mickey

    A-to- Z Game: Two Rs Only

    S Servicer
  14. Loving Mickey

    Rhyming Phrases

    Dilly Dally
  15. Loving Mickey

    The Rhyme It Or Bookend It IV

  16. Loving Mickey

    Last Two Letter Game Part 4

  17. Loving Mickey

    2 Word Phrase Redux 5

    Toast buttered
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    Word Association Game Redux