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  1. kittymomma1122

    My princess BOOTSE

    Happy Birthday!! It is amazing how soft that white belly fur is.
  2. kittymomma1122

    My princess BOOTSE

    Momma waiting for dinner Dutchess AKA Princess Pretty Pants Mine are feral momma and her kitten. I stole the kitten when she was 3 weeks old and she is an indoor only baby now. Momma has been spayed and eartipped, but has no desire to be an indoor cat.
  3. kittymomma1122

    My princess BOOTSE

    . I love her black face, I have a semiferal that I call momma cat that has very similar markings.
  4. kittymomma1122

    Do I need to be honest with the vet about newly tamed kitty being an ex-feral?

    Good luck!! At least the chip is one time thing and you can go on afterward with the vet of your preferance.My formal ferals react to me in a kind loving manner, but to a stranger in a trapped situation they are teeth and claws. I take my semi-ferals to a different vet than my house cats. My...
  5. kittymomma1122

    Do I need to be honest with the vet about newly tamed kitty being an ex-feral?

    I agree with Di and Bob. I would say stray. I have an old feral. I have feed him for years. This year is the first year I can even make eye contact with him. I got within a couple feet of him yesterday and he let me know in no uncertain terms that I was too close. Does your local shelter offer...
  6. kittymomma1122

    Oreos face

    Sure does. I am sorry for Oreo's experience. He sure is a cutie.
  7. kittymomma1122

    Oreos face

    That is strange that it says spayed. I would also be upset about his face and paws also. I haved worked spay/neuter clinics and none of the babies went away with anything like this. Might not hurt to call the manager of the clinic and send pics so they can investigate how they are treated during...
  8. kittymomma1122

    Oreos face

    I have a cat I had to buy a special kennal carrier for because as soon as the door shuts he rubbed is nose on the cage door until the fur was gone and his nose was bloody. It only took him 5 minutes to do it. I don't know what would cause scabs on his chin. You said he so I assume he was...
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    Alternative to pumpkin please!

    You are a good kitty parent!!
  10. kittymomma1122

    My princess BOOTSE

    She is beautiful! I have a tuxie also and she insist that I treat her like a princess too. There is a thread for tuxedo cat pics.
  11. kittymomma1122

    Kitten drops to lethargy and out

    I have been watching this thread. You are a great person to invest your time and heart into this little one. I used to sleep in my kitten room and I know how exausting it can be. When my babies were 3 weeks I used Baby Cat canned food and mixed it with warm KMR to make a gruel. I put it on my...
  12. kittymomma1122

    Alternative to pumpkin please!

    My vet gave my babies a syringe tube of chicken flavored probiotic. When they were kittens I used plain unflavored yogurt in their gruel. Werva makes a food called Pumpkin Lickin Chicken, nice shreds of chicken in a pumpkin sauce. I personally have never used a human medicine on a cat and would...
  13. kittymomma1122

    cat eats bits of plastic and plastic bags

    I have one cat that will eat anything non eddible. I "cat proof" my house. Trash is behind closed doors. Bread is in a cabinet. She will go after tin foil, bread ties, paper clips, basicly anything. She has done it since she was a kitten. She has been vet checked and nothing physically wrong...
  14. kittymomma1122

    Will My Kitten Be Long Hair?

    She looks very much like an Angora. I think she will be medium hair. They usually have longer hair around necks, rear and abdomen. In the summer they seem to lose a lot of the mane. She is beautiful!!
  15. kittymomma1122

    We have 2 more birthdays!

    Happy Birthday!! You have lots of patience and skill to keep them looking beautiful.
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    Let's talk about rabies in cats - is your cat vaccinated?

    Mine are all vacinated. It is not required by law here, but highly recommended by our vet even though my cats are indoor only. They do not have a porch or a catio. Her recommendation is because bats can get in your house. We live in Michigan. When we bought our house there were several rooms...
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    My cat gave birth to three kittens

    I let mine roam and about six weeks. I started with supervised hour at a time, then worked up to longer times. I did put them back in the kitten room every night until they were about 3 months. Mine were feral kittens and I had trapped their mom so she would not roam our house.My husband was not...
  18. kittymomma1122

    What's Wrong With This Cat? I'm New. Long Story.

    I am so sorry for your loss. Black Kitty was very happy with you and we watched him thrive while he was with you. You did great with him and I am sure he found his person in you. I hope there is peace in knowing you made his life better.
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    How safe is trap-neuter-return for feral cats?

    I personally had mine spayed and eartipped. Spaying and neutering is great. It will keep the population down. They tend not to fight with other cats which will keep them healthier. They can spread FIV and get abscesses/injured fighting. Mine are not defenseless after being spayed. I would love...