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  1. brabiz

    Help! New kitten and we’re concerned.

    You have a ginger male tabby which is in my opinion the best!!
  2. brabiz

    New Pine Pellet Problem

    I use the pellets from petsmart also in the past. My last best best cat died last year but I am finally getting a little rescue kitten soon. I will not be using the pellets at first but will gradually introduce them. I hope the new bag of pellets are what you have gotten in the past. I do...
  3. brabiz

    Snot Rockets--History of Chronic Sneezing

    My guy now has heavy beta hemolytic streptococcus that changed from pseudomonas years ago. Now treating with orbax which has turned his thick discharge into watery drips. They have never been that way before which I hope is a good sign that the orbax is working.
  4. brabiz

    Munchie's Many Issues

    the most important thing to do is to have a viral study done so you finally know what is wrong.  the test will show you what bacteria is causing all these problems and which medicine will work best.  if it is pseudomonas, the likely hood of getting rid of it permanently is slim, but can be held...
  5. brabiz

    Munchie's Many Issues

    just go to the vet and ask for a collection tube for a culture. try to catch it as soon as the cat sneezes it out and bring the tube back to vet.  will take a few days for a report and sensitivity result.  the hardest part is having the tube handy when the snot flies!
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    Munchie's Many Issues

    the best advice is for you to do a culture on the guy has had pseudomonas for two years and has been treated with various antibiotics, lysine, interfeuron, etc.  his infection has limited antibiotisc to treat it.  now he is on amakacin sub-q and we have to do kidney tests to make sure...
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  8. brabiz

    How do you get a cat to the vet WITHOUT a carrier?

    i have found that is is easier and so much less stressful to carry the cats in a large mesh laundry bag and to keep their little heads out for petting and peeking.  easy to administer a shot when needed and easy for me to carry into the office without banging on door jambs.  
  9. brabiz

    Comment by 'brabiz' in article 'Cat Grass: How To Create The Purrfect Garden For Your Cat'

    my cat loves fresh basil leaves, fresh celery, and loves cantaloupe,strawberries and fresh peaches.  he's a real gourmand!
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  11. brabiz


    thanks for your input stephanie.  norman had a culture done which id'd pseudomonas and the antibiotics sensitive to it.  that certainly helped.  the l=lysine helped immeasurably!
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    doctor told me to use saline nose drops. l-lysine is working wonders and am starting interferon .
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    my guy has been treated for pseudomonas for more than a year now with various antibiotics. it is an infection that is virtually impossible to cure EXCEPT i started to give norman l-lysine treats and what a difference.  for now the discharge from his nose has subsided and breathing is quiet and...
  14. brabiz

    what's your favorite cat litter?

    smells like the christmas...not bad for litter!!!  although i am a bit of a romantic...
  15. brabiz

    what's your favorite cat litter?

    apology accepted and i was never never being rude or impudent.  i hate paying for something that turns to s--t and has to be discarded, and loved it when i discovered pine litter..smells pretty good the whole time and doesn't track like the clay kind...that will be some trip but i wish you all...
  16. brabiz

    what's your favorite cat litter?

    i'm sorry but i can't tell whose response you view as "snarky" i sure hope it wasn't mine since i can find no offense there.  btw, i meant that the exquisite cat litter from petsmart was of the pine pellet variety, not clay or clumping. if you misunderstood me than accept my apologies. what does...
  17. brabiz

    what's your favorite cat litter?

    really...try either exquisite cat from pet smart or feline pine from any store...i used fresh step for many many years but would never go back to it. the pine pellets are much cleaner and smell like christmas...
  18. brabiz

    what's your favorite cat litter?

    years ago i used fresh step for my 3-4 cats with two litter boxes for my indoor cats. then changed to luvs litter, which seemed expensive.  then came feline pine which i loved and the cats did too. then i found exquisite cat at pet smart which is the best pine litter that i have found. down to...