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  1. caltritwiamb4

    My Tiger's breed identified.

    Are you able to find an indoor home for this kitten if not your home?
  2. caltritwiamb4

    Whats my cats colour pattern/breed

    Hi your kitties are beautiful and so is your dog. Welcome.
  3. caltritwiamb4

    What's been going on positive in your life? 2015

    I was asleep at midnight because I had to work today. I am very thankful I have a job.
  4. caltritwiamb4

    Happy New Year

    Wishing all the members and their furkids a very happy new year. From Carla Daughter Anna and fur kids Callie, Trinity Twilight Amber and Beauty     
  5. caltritwiamb4

    2014 Secret Santa received thread

    The Secret Santa Kitty gift exchange looks like a lot of fun. I will have to join in next year. But for now  my 4 kitties and I wish everyone on the cat site a very happy new year.
  6. caltritwiamb4

    Everyone Meet Sabbath

    I love the name Sabbath. There is another member who has a black cat named Sabbath. Your Sabbath is very cute too. 
  7. caltritwiamb4

    Great to be here!

    Hi and welcome to the site. Photos please
  8. caltritwiamb4

    Hi I'm a new member!

    Hi Sooty is adorable. He is very lucky to have stumbled upon his forever home. Welcome
  9. caltritwiamb4

    I can't tell the gender of my cat!!!!!

    Looks like a boy to me. Got any boy names in mind? Also post some photos of his other end so we can see him. When you take him to be neutered the vet will confirm his gender for sure.
  10. caltritwiamb4

    Blue Crowned Conure and New Pet Kitties

    I agree with pinkdagger r. It  seems to me it would be natural instinct. Considering the food chain and birds being cat's prey. If your 2 cats were kittens and raised with your conure maybe it would work. But since that is not the case I would never leave the cats and bird together unattended.
  11. caltritwiamb4

    Some cute picture of our kitten Holly

    Holly is a very cute name for a very cute kitty. 
  12. caltritwiamb4

    Scaredy Cat

  13. caltritwiamb4

    New here!

    Hi and Welcome. Buck is beautiful. 
  14. caltritwiamb4

    Bruno Is Being Really Lazy

    Bruno is very handsome indeed. Trinity on her chair Twilight on the pillow on my dresser next to the window. All four of my kitties take turns on the pillow. But none of them snuggle together. :(
  15. caltritwiamb4

    Does Your Cat Have A Nickname?

    Trinity is Trinity Winnity Binnity Boo  Twilight is Lil Baby Twi Twi Amber is Ambie G Beauty is Boo Boo Girl
  16. caltritwiamb4

    Vote for Your Favorite Holiday Cat Pictures! PoM December 2014

    Very tough vote this time the are all so cute and great shots of some adorable kitties. Merry Christmas everyone.
  17. caltritwiamb4

    Will kitten remember abuse?

    I was in Pet Smart buying food when an elderly woman walked in with a very tiny Kitten. She said she found the kitten on the side of the road with another kitten which was dead. She said she was afraid the kitten was going to get hit by a car but she couldn't keep the kitten because she already...
  18. caltritwiamb4

    Sophie Playing in the Sink!!

    Sophie is so cute. My cats do not like water at all. Only one will drink from the bathroom faucet but only if the water is dripping slightly. Sophie is loving the water. You might bye her a water fountain if you haven't already. 
  19. caltritwiamb4

    Happy 2nd Birthday Nora! She loved her Birthday cake hehe..

    Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear sweet Nora Happy Birthday to you and many more.
  20. caltritwiamb4

    What's one positive thing you can say about the last 24 hours of your life? 2014

    I put the Christmas tree  and other decorations up. Cats are leaving the tree alone.