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    Our two new guys

    Here's our new Louie. And Frankie.
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    This is possibly a "talk me down from the ledge" thread

    We had two cats die within the last year from heart condition. The last one a few weeks ago was a huge shock. Wills was gone within a week. So the huz is talking about adopting a bonded pair. The rescue we have been adopting from has several pairs. Can I just tell you guys that I'm hesitant. I...
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    A tie! Oh no

    Come on Cubs
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    Bonded pairs

    This might be the incorrect forum but i can't seem to decide which one is. Lol I'm a new member and our Wills was recently euthanized due to cardiomyopathy. Poor guy went downhill very quickly in one week. One ******** week from dx to death. Heads are still reeling. Husband would like to...
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    Hello from Chicago

    Guess I should have started here rather than dive right in with my first post in Cat Health. We just put our fourth one down this morning. Lost two young ones within a year to cardiomyopathy. My husband and I do fostering of dogs for a small local rescue we are involved in. We currently have...
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    New to forum --- cardiomyopathy

    It's been almost a week since Will went to ER. There she found a grade 2 murmur and suspected heart disease. The following day he had follow up at our regular vet. Xrays showed enlarged heart. On Tuesday he went for echo and ekg. Given meds. Since then he's gone to hell in a handbasket. Severe...