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  1. PassifloraFoetida

    Keeping cats out of palm tree?

    We recently got a pretty expensive palm tree for the master bedroom, and my cats absolutely will not leave it alone. I've tried a bunch of things to make the tree unappealing (Sprayed the leaves with diluted lemon water, left peels in the pot, tin foil, sticky tape, physical barriers, rewarded...
  2. PassifloraFoetida

    Coat Color?

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to work out if there is a term for the white tipping on my domestic shorthair girl's fur and what specific type of tabby coat pattern she has. (spotted? Broken mackeral?) She was much more stripey when she was little but it's gotten less defined as she's aged...
  3. PassifloraFoetida

    Hello New Cat Friends!

    Hello from Norway! I recently adopted three super cute little kitties, and I already can't imagine life without them. It's only been a few months, but I honestly can't remember what it was like before they joined our family. They all have incredible temperaments and they are so intelligent and...