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    hmmm I tried with the scissors before. Snowbell came out like a punk hehe. His coat is a bit thick and full. I was thinking about an adjustable shaver maybe? I don't know I tried to search a bit on internet but it would be better if someone that knows better for advice ( like you :p)
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    Hi everyone I need to shave the little ones. Can someone tell me what I need for the job? I want them to be only with an inch of fur, that would be fine for the hot season that we're in . I asked a professional but asked for 24 GBP. That quite alot for one persian, and I have 2. So any...
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    How to get rid of cat hair?

    Hi, yeah the lint roller works fab. It's easy, handy, and can put it in your handbag They were day when me and the family dress to go out on a saturdays and when we get in the car we realise all our clothes are covered with cats fur. So nowadays I just get the roller out of the handbag and...
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    AAARRRGGGHHHH...Stop thief...

    Only oatmeal theif? my Georgina (aka ziza) steals cigarettes, biros, gold everything in site. Do you know how much sigarettes filters I fing buried under the carpet? No matter where I put the ashtray with forgotten cigs, she steals them just for the pleasure to do it, so oatmeal there you go
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    clipping or full service?

    Hi all, long time no post First of all I wish everyone a wonderfull new year. Now comes my question :p Snowbell (my white persian) has some tangled hair under his arms, quite big to say the truth. Don't know how they came cos I brush him regularly. Anyway I asked a groomer for a solution, he...
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    wanted covered litter box

    well in malta they don't exist, i visited most of the shops around here and have never seen one. Anyway I wanted to buy one from abroad that's why i asked, i thought some of you knew some stores that sell some not expensive maybe? The problem is the litter box is in my living room, and it...
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    wanted covered litter box

    Hey everyone Does anyone know where i can buy a covered litter box? those with filters and that aren't smelly ? I dreamt of one and want to try it, i mean the cats will tyr it lol.....
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    update pics of snowbell and georgie

    yeps ofcourse I do ! and i change it regularly, but good point though ! thanks anyway
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    update pics of snowbell and georgie

    i posted these in another thread, but i guess here is better using links as mrs celestial advised
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    Any persian cat studs in California?

    I find them really really cute when they snuggle up to each other !
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    Any persian cat studs in California?

    here they are . Sorry in advance if they are big pics for this post.
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    Any persian cat studs in California?

    Hi there, thank you very much for the nice reply you wrote, not to me but to everyone it may concern. I have to say you were right in all you said. It's so nice to hear some educated people like you and all the others here that taught me so much about cats. I've lived with cats all my life...
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    Any persian cat studs in California?

    ps. spay here, she will be happeir, you don't want her in heat and running off whenever chance she has and getting pregnant with a street guy
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    Any persian cat studs in California?

    Hey there I just read all your posts. Me too have 2 beautiful persians, and me too was thinking to breed them a while ago. I posted here and peoploe gave me 100 reasons not to breed them, as there are not qualified to. I had them from backyard breeders and are not not eligibale for breeding, me...
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    sphynx cats! need some help!

    have you ever happened to bumb in a maltese sphynx breeder ? I always wanted to adopt one but never saw one here in malta. I don't even know if they exist here :/ maybe someone heard about one here in the forum ?
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    don't know myself but it's very cute ! also the light colour is nice
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    Got It Working!!!!!!

    awesome !!!
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    1 Down 2 to Go...I beg you all to sign

    i signed that, the picture is horrible
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    how do I get worm eggs off a mattress?

    I don't know exactly about this but can you hoover the matress ? It's better to be on the safe side.
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    You better have sunglasses on..

    if you keep looking at the picture you sure get blinded with that colour lol !!!! my eyes hurt..... lol . what colour he is??? yellow or green ?