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    Fleas! What is working for you now?

    The newest versions of Frontline and Advantage II have quit working. I am in TX and the fleas are back in force. I am considering a Seresto collar for the long haired cats and ordering Revolution (from the Australian site) for the short haired cats (5 total, 2 long, 3 short haired). Thoughts...
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    Fur loss

    My 7 yo cat has been losing hair for 9 months. I posted on this site a few weeks ago about him, he is currently recovering from Horner's syndrome (cause unknown). He's had two vet visits for his fur. At the first visit the veterinarian felt like his hair loss was alopecia, which was uncommon but...
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    Third eyelid showing, no scratch visible

    My 7 year old (one of 5 shelter cats of various ages) has had his third eyelid showing across half of his left eye since Tuesday of this week. He had a vet appointment for it yesterday since it wasn't getting better. The vet said no scratch was visible. He noted that the eye was not dialting...
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    Cat with clear mucus poop

    Today my cat began vomiting and passing clear mucus poop. A trip to the vet revealed a clear abdominal x-ray, no fever, no other signs of illness. Vet gave and antinausea shot and sent us home Science Diet Biome food. Kitty will not eat other than a few licks of the food (new or old). He has...
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    Cat Will Not Eat Following Injury/surgery

    My 2 year old cat injured his hind leg 8 days ago. We tried to save his leg through a variety of means, but ended up having to amputate yesterday. For the week that we tried to save Jet's leg, he got around well on three legs, but we struggled to get him to eat or drink. He lost over a pound...
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    Canned food-- besides Wellness-- to eliminate stinky poop

    Our new shelter kitty (8months) has the stinkiest poop.  He clears the house when he uses the litter box.  I have considered parasites and will get him re-checked, but for now am trying different foods.  Wellness chicken made a huge difference in the smell (but not the consistency, still runny)...
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    Best oral meds for ringworm

    We have one cat with ringworm (4 cats total).  Our vet prescribed Griseofulvin, but I quit after one dose as she was foaming at the mouth with it.  Any suggestions on an oral medication I can ask my vet to give us?
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    Keeping outdoor kitty in at night-- she's tearing down the house

    A few years ago we adopted a loving mostly oudoor kitty.  She is allowed in whenever she wants but generally prefers to be outside.  This has been fine as we made her a 'house' in the safety of the backyard.  Recently, she moved to the front yard and refuses to stay out back.  We have a small...
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    8 week old kitten with a stuffy snotty nose, but not sick

    Hi there-- I have a now 8 week old rescue kitten that I bottle fed beginning at 7 days old.  He is doing great, expect that every few days he gets a nose and sinuses full of snot and boogers. After wheezing and having trouble getting air through his nose for a day or two, he'll sneeze...
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    Kitten won't take bottle or syringe

    REMOVED VIDEO I've written about my kitten woes in a previous thread about aspiration, but I wanted to start a new thread and see if I can get some help.  My smallest, sick kitten is totally refusing to eat.  I can get about 1 cc down him drop by drop, but after that he refused to even...
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    Aspiration pneumonia in bottle baby-- lost cause?

    I have two approx. 8 day old kittens. The mama cat left them in a chicken coop where they were in danger of getting pecked severely.  She did not come back for them after they were moved near the coop, but no longer in the nest.   I've been bottle feeding them for 2 days.  The smallest has not...