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  1. babyharley

    Our Fran (rapunzel47)

    I have been away from TCS for awhile and just heard of the sad news.  RIP Fran
  2. babyharley

    Post pics of your Noreaster snow!

    I'm jealous! I love winter & snow... I can't wait for it to arrive in Minnesota, which will probably be sooner than later LOL! Pretty pictures, everyone!
  3. babyharley

    $2 off Tidy Cats Litter

    I know everyone likes to save a little money - so when I saw this coupon I thought of everyone here $2 off ANY one Tidy Cats Litter!
  4. babyharley

    Losing weight after baby (a bit of a brag)

    Do you want to borrow Landon? He's been running around since about 11 months. I'm tired
  5. babyharley

    Losing weight after baby (a bit of a brag)

    Just wait until she's really active... then you'll be so busy chasing her around that the pounds will really fall off! That happened to me
  6. babyharley

    Happy Birthday DawnofSierra!

    Happy Birthday!!
  7. babyharley

    Losing weight after baby (a bit of a brag)

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I know how awesome that is. I gained 35lbs with Landon, and at my 6 week appointment, I had lost 40 and am now 15lbs under my pre pregnancy! Keep going - you're doing great!
  8. babyharley

    Happy Birthday Kiwideus!

    Happy Birthday Kellye!
  9. babyharley

    Happy Birthday babyharley!

    Awww - thank you EVERYONE!! I had a fabulous birthday I appreciate all the wonderful wishes!
  10. babyharley

    Where ARE you when you're on TCS?

    I'm on my laptop on my couch. Very comfy!
  11. babyharley

    Who's going to watch our Royal wedding?

    I won't be up early to watch it because I have to work, but I'm sure there will be plenty of coverage about it tomorrow evening when I get home. I just want to see her dress, that's all
  12. babyharley

    Anyone have an Android phone?

    I recently upgraded to the Droid X from a Blackberry Curve (worst phone ever! ) and I LOVE it!! It's so fast and has great free apps. If you have the Amazon Appstore, they have a free app everyday. I've had it for about a month and I have no complaints
  13. babyharley

    My yard this morning :(

    We had snow this week too, after 80* temps the week before! Thankfully we didn't get that much, and it quickly melted the next day
  14. babyharley

    Oh baby!

    YAY!!! Congratulations! She is a beautiful, healthy girl! I hope you are feeling okay after your c-section. Rest up and enjoy your gorgeous daughter
  15. babyharley

    Oh baby!

    Well, just take comfort in the fact that you know she can't stay in there forever Soon, soon, very soon! It doesn't matter HOW she gets here (natural or c-section), all that matters is that you will be holding your sweet girl within days (or hours, minutes... it's up to her )
  16. babyharley

    Oh baby!

    I hope something happens for you today! Eeek... I'm so excited for you!
  17. babyharley

    Oh baby!

    Sending many 'non painful contraction' vibes to you (Is there such a thing?
  18. babyharley

    Oh baby!

    I really wish that was the same here! After 6 weeks, I was just starting to feel normal and okay. I actually got laid off shortly after Landon was born, so I didn't find a job until after he was 6 months old, so that was easier After 6 weeks, you're just starting to get used to the whole...
  19. babyharley

    Oh baby!

    That's what we're here for!! And just an FYI about breastfeeding shortly after she's born... don't be surprised if your milk doesn't come in immediately. I had Landon (no c-section) and mine didn't come in for three, yes three, days later. He had to be put on formula a few weeks later...