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  1. 3kittylove

    My babies 3rd eye showing

    its weird no redness no tearing eyes. I just hope he feels better soon. 
  2. 3kittylove

    My babies 3rd eye showing

    I did buy some lyseine treats on amazon for merlin tho
  3. 3kittylove

    My babies 3rd eye showing

    I made a vet apt for merlin. I took Flex in friday. I didnt know you could bring both in at the same time. I did tell them about the other cat, he didnt have a respitory infection or anything...just bladder issues. but hes doing better. Hes not peeing everywhere with blood. Hes clear!! He got...
  4. 3kittylove

    My babies 3rd eye showing

    My lil 4 yr old burmese kitty has had a stressfull few months. In oct we moved. He went from forcefully being loved by everyone and playing to hiding, he didnt like the dog That moved in with us Max. Then a orange kitten adopted us. I didnt mean to keep it, but after caring for its worms, abcess...
  5. My babies 3rd eye showing

    My babies 3rd eye showing

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  9. 3kittylove

    Comment by '3kittylove' in article 'New Here? I Have A Few Suggestions For You!'

    I am new. I came on here looking for help with my Burmese cat. Hes amazing. Hes a lover and my baby. I also have a 15 lb tabby names flex who loves to be outside and anywhere but inside. I was adopted my an orange tabby named gryffindor who loves to love and hunt and play. They are all my babies!!!