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    Cat rescued from tree

    I dont really know where to post this but just wanted to share a story 2 members a neighbours cat fluffy whos 3 yrs old was attacked by a bull mastiff dog 5 days ago fluffy was so afraid she climbed the nearest tree and kept going the trees about 50 foot tall and fluffy clung on 4 dear life the...
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    Advocate and playfighting

    I have two 11 wk old kittens and I'm about 2 de-flea them with Advocate on the back of their necks. I'm worried as they play fight and grab each other's necks. Will it be harmful to them if they get the taste in their mouths? Any answers appreciated.
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    Brodie and Ella

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    1st injection and not right

    Hi my 2 10 week old kittens had their 1st injection 2day ella is fine eating drinking playing but brodie has not ate or drank wont move and has slept for hours he cries when we pick him up and is not hiself is it normal for a kitten to be like this do they take after human babies and feel s bit...
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    My 10 week old kitten isn't himself after his 1st injections

    I dont know where 2 post this my 2 10 wk old kittens had their 1st injections 2day ella is fine playing eating etc but brodie wont eat or play hes just sleeping and is not his self is this a normal reaction im so worried about him and ive been in tears
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    Cat refuses to come downstairs

    Hi my 9 yr old spayed female sophia refuses 2 cum downstairs when my kady was alive 4 the 1st 4 yrs they got on great then 1 day they had a fight it was awful 2 c and I separated them thinking the next day allwould b ok but no it continued with kady being very aggressive 2 sophia so 4 2 yrs b4...
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    Missing my baby girl

    My baby girl had sum disease in her chest the vet tried very hard 2 save her but it was 2 late and she was put 2 sleep 15th may I miss her every single day
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    missing kitty kady

    Hi ive just got the 1 cat now as my baby girl died 15th may 2014 desperatley want a kitten or 2