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    Hi everyone I need to shave the little ones. Can someone tell me what I need for the job? I want them to be only with an inch of fur, that would be fine for the hot season that we're in . I asked a professional but asked for 24 GBP. That quite alot for one persian, and I have 2. So any...
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    clipping or full service?

    Hi all, long time no post First of all I wish everyone a wonderfull new year. Now comes my question :p Snowbell (my white persian) has some tangled hair under his arms, quite big to say the truth. Don't know how they came cos I brush him regularly. Anyway I asked a groomer for a solution, he...
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    wanted covered litter box

    Hey everyone Does anyone know where i can buy a covered litter box? those with filters and that aren't smelly ? I dreamt of one and want to try it, i mean the cats will tyr it lol.....
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    update pics of snowbell and georgie

    i posted these in another thread, but i guess here is better using links as mrs celestial advised
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    well, don't know if i wrote it right well, first of all snowbell recovered well from the neuture, and from the teeth removal, (new ones are coming out now and i set my mind to rest). Now comes the interesting part, about 4 days ago his medicated food was finished (the hypoaalergenic dried) and...
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    this is a nighmare !! urgent help

    snowbell again. In the last hour he's been screaming and curling like ball. It's like he can't poo. there's a smll bit of poo stuck in his rear, it's like h's trying to poo but cant and making the most awful sounds he's scarying me and my family, dughter is crying and i'm white s a sheet of...
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    cat's teeth

    does anyone ever had their cat's teeth removed? If yes what reaction did it have after the op ?
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    Help !!!!!!!!

    snowbell is banging in the door, straight head on I just had him neutured today and the anestesia is wearing off (it seems) but is falling continuisly ( i just checked on him) he seemed him a minute ago but now is going head on the bathroom door, i'm afraid please do males do like that when...
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    snowbell tomorrow....

    Could't find an appropriate title to this, if it's not good here delete it Tomorrow morning Snowbell will be neutured.. at last. I have to take him back home at 4pm. So here I fire the questions. Where do I put him when back home? quite place? my bed? After how much time will he be on his...
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    Hi from Malta :D

    Hi there well I already flooded some threads with my problems but i tought it's a good idea to fill in here too I had my first kitten when I was 11 yr old, I always loved cats so today here I am with 3 of them. Well this is Muxu he's my love (don't tell hubby ) his story : I went to wash my...
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    advise about food

    Hi, I took the kitties ti the vet a couple of weeks ago, and gave them medicated food for their diarrea and puke problem. Now they recovered well but I'm afraid that if I end the medicated food they will start all over again being ill. The poo is fairly solid now, and haven't found any puke for...
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    how can I win this battle

    Well, I guess I will be posting alot of problems here How can I make my little girlie not to be on the kitchen table everytime I turn my back to her ? Only she climbes there, neither her brother snowbell nor the big baby muxu climb there, muxu did climb when he was younger, I scolded him a...
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    are they *purebreed* ?

    hi, I was given 2 kittens from my father that he bought from an irresponsible breeder (that was my fault actually cos I was a first timer and didn't make research or asked for advice from someone else) and didn't give me any papers, anyway I loved them instantly and have any regret now that are...
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    advise please

    hey there, I searched and searched for a good forum about cats, and here I am. I would like to ask some questions about persians and tought I will get some help here. I have 2 persian kittens aged 6 months both of them. One solid white (male) and a brown tabby (female). I was making up my...