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    Hairball gel

    I, too, use Greenies hairball treats (the only treats my girl gets), and I see the hair in her stools and she's never vomited any. She tends to constipation, and the Greenies seem to help that, too.
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    Comment by 'happilyretired' in article 'What Will Happen To My Cat If I Die?'

    I would like to thank the person who mentioned carrying a card in the wallet so that if I'm in an accident or otherwise injured, there would be notification of my cat at home. My sitter has a key and is very reliable. I'm making a card today!
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    Aloe Vera Juice for Constipation

    My cat tends to constipation, and I've used Miralax with some success. But I tried George's Aloe Vera, and I think it's much better. I've used it twice (using the dropper to measure dosage, mix with water in her wet food). She had better stools each time--not the usual hard, dry, but well...
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    Mega Colon

    My cat has some constipation issues, and I've used Miralax but am curious about George's Aloe. What would be the dosage for a cat to 'stimulate' digestion/bowel movements?
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    Anyone Have Info On Dairy As A Laxative?

    My Molly is prone to constipation, and I use Miralax (as needed), but I've noticed that in adding water to her wet food, she's doing better. She only gets wet, and whether it's pate or gravy, she seems to actually like it more with the added water (just a tsp or 2).
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    Comment by 'happilyretired' in article 'What Will Happen To My Cat If I Die?'

    Interesting that this appeared, since I've been thinking about this lately. When I had my first cat (who adopted ME), no one liked her except me--even her vet found her 'difficult.' I feared that if she outlived me, no one would want her, so I searched until I found a friend (a dog...
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    Does Anyone Else Have A Hard To Handle Cat?

    I have done this method with a 'difficult' cat, first wrapping her in a towel. I also found it helpful to put her in the sink so that she could not get traction--and the closeness helped her feel secure. It wasn't easy, and you usually only get one shot at it. For the next dose, you need to be...
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    Does Anyone Else Have A Hard To Handle Cat?

    In any emergency, you can wrap the cat quickly in a large towel (getting all four paws inside) and shove the cat into a carrier. That's why I don't use a towel now; once I use it, she'd be too alert if I HAD to use it. So that 'technique' is reserved for an emergency (which I hope never...
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    Does Anyone Else Have A Hard To Handle Cat?

    I have a similar cat--except that my Molly (a rescue) will not allow me to pick her up at all. She will cuddle in my arms, but I can't pick her up--ever. I keep my carrier (top of a kitty stroller) on the kitchen table and will feed her treats in it every few days. I have a mobile vet who...
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    Elderly Long Hair Cat With Knots

    My long haired cat began having problems when she was about 16. She was difficult to handle, and when I moved, I lost my wonderful mobile groomer who could handle her. Fortunately, my vet considered the mats a medical issue, and they took care of her until the end (about 4 years).
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    Food For Newly Diagnosed Ckd Kitty

    I've had two cats with CKD, and neither of them would touch prescription food or any low phosphorus commercial food--tried them all. Since my vet said it was much more important that they eat, I added a phosphorus binder to their regular food. I don't know whether it helped. If you don't...
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    Cat Had Teeth Pulled, Should She Still Be On Buprenex?

    My previous cat had two teeth pulled two years ago. We were given pain meds for a full week. But the vet also had us watch for any unusual symptoms because he said it's not uncommon for a cat to 'react' to an antibiotic. Fortunately, there were no issues.
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    Switching Cats To New, Healthier Food?

    My personal philosophy (which may be unpopular) is to let them eat what they want. When I had my first cat, I was very inexperienced. She ate Fancy Feast wet and always had dry available (but preferred wet). She was never ill and lived to almost 20. Then I had a male cat, knew more, and...
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    This Cat Is The Devil!

    When my first cat (long haired) was about 17, she began to resist brushing/combing and, naturally, developed mats. I was unable to handle her, so I had the vet deal with it. She had to make several trips to the vet in the 3 years before she passed to the Rainbow Bridge, but she was mat free...
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    If Anyone Can Solve This Feeding Issue You Will Be My Hero.

    I had two cats in chronic renal failure, and my vet suggested FortiFlora sprinkled on their wet food to stimulate their appetites. My boys loved it and ate well until the 'end.'
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    Chronic Renal Kidney Failure & Food Options

    I've lost 2 cats to CKD and neither one of them would touch prescription foods. You might find a lower phosphorus food that your cat will eat, but mine insisted on Fancy Feast [any vet will tell you that it's more important that they eat than what they eat], and for my second guy, I used a...
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    Renal Cat Parents, Let's Chat!

    Daisy- My first boy was named Grigio (Italian for 'grey'--he was a grey tuxedo), and the second was Sunny [he came with that name]. I felt the same way you do about SubQ, and I'm not sure I'd do it again. I had to practice a lot (on meat!) to be secure in inserting the needle and doing the...
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    Renal Cat Parents, Let's Chat!

    I lost two cats to CRF and both were very different. Neither would eat any special food--I tried them all--but with the second guy I discovered phosphorus binders, although I don't know whether they helped. Both were diagnosed at about age 7, but my first guy remained stable for the next 5...
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    Senior Cat Questions..need Advice

    Just a note about the litterbox issue you raise. My first cat (female) lived to almost 20, and she never had a problem with the litterbox. However, when she was about 17, my wonderful vet suggested I get a very low lip 'box'--actually it was a stainless steel large tray from a restaurant...
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    Litter Box Sos

    I've been having a similar problem with my 5-year-old girl, but she also poops IN the box on some days. I've noticed that the poop outside the box, although well formed, seems 'softer,' and I suspect that she 'loses' it as she climbs into the box. I'll mention it to the vet at our next visit...