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  1. mommakitty92

    Kitty Dress up

    Awwww such a cutie!
  2. mommakitty92

    Overly attached??

    Wow! Lol how do u deal with that situation lol
  3. mommakitty92

    Overly attached??

    Awww lol that's sweet 128522 I have endometriosis and a cyst on my left ovary the size of a grapefruit. I am on 23. I found that out 3 months before God sent me Alice. She is my world. I will be having her a birthday party in September lol I buy her gifts allll the time. She never goes more than...
  4. Lizard Stalker

    Lizard Stalker

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  6. mommakitty92

    Purina Indoor Formula?

    I started my Alice on Purina Kitten Chow. She was on that up til about 2 months ago. Then I switched her to Purina Indoor Formula because she is an strictly indoor only Kitty. Is that food good for her? If not what should I give her?
  7. Purina Indoor Formula?

    Purina Indoor Formula?

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  9. mommakitty92

    Kitty Dress up

    Here you go 128515
  10. 2013-01-30 20.51.36.jpg

    2013-01-30 20.51.36.jpg

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    2013-01-30 20.52.25.jpg

  12. mommakitty92

    Overly attached??

    It really does make you feel so special to be loved like that. I love my Alice I talk about her all the time. My friends at work call me weird lol but she's my baby. Since I can't have any real babies she IS my baby.
  13. mommakitty92

    What conversation did you have with your cat today?

    Alice: meeeeow! Me: are you hungry! Alice: buuuroow! Me: okay let's go baby. Alice: (jumped up on my shoulders for a ride to the kitchen purring and licking my cheek)
  14. mommakitty92

    Help with moving my Kitty

    Hello. Me and my fiance are are moving to our new home on the 17th. My Kitty Alice has been at our current home since I got her in December as a tiny thing. She is now 10 month old.I was wondering what would be the best way to introduce Alice to her new home with as little stress as possible.
  15. mommakitty92

    Overly attached??

    She makes me feel so loved and needed 128522 I wouldn't know what to do without her.
  16. mommakitty92

    Kitty Dress up

    Thanks everyone 128522
  17. mommakitty92

    Halo got her halo

    I'm very sorry for the loss of Halo. Its very hard to lose them. I lost my simba in December. He was 4. My first Kitty. If u need to talk I am here my dear.
  18. mommakitty92

    Church the 20 year old rabbit MURDERER!!!

    My fiances father has a cat named church he has had church for 20 years! The other day we saw church eating something in the yard so we went out to had surely killed a rabbit.........AND CHEWED ITS HEAD OFF!!! Not bad for a 20 yr old feline huh? I'm still in shock.