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  1. scraggles

    What You'd Only Admit To A Fellow Cat Person...

    I just realised recently that I recognise my Scamp's "I'm about to poop" meow. It's quite a different meow to his other "I'm bored" meows, or his "I'm hungry" ones, or his "It's 04:00 in the morning let's all wake up!" meows. This specific meow sounds like a question, and it usually means he'd...
  2. scraggles

    Contest October Picture Of The Month: Cats Greeting

    Entry: Scraggles and Scamp. The moment Scraggles went from being an only child to becoming a big brother. :p:catrub:
  3. scraggles

    Puppy Harness For Kitty Cat?

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. It looks like I'll definitely be sticking with cat harnesses so! I think there just needs to be a little more room between the collar and the body so I'll be looking out for that and hopefully that'll help with the pulling up behind the...
  4. scraggles

    Puppy Harness For Kitty Cat?

    Has anyone here ever used a puppy harness for their kitties? I'm in the process of harness training one of my cats and have bought two harnesses already. My Scamp doesn't seem to be an odd shaped kitty and is a small enough 4kg, however both harnesses I've got seem to pull up around the shoulder...
  5. scraggles

    Cats And Books.

    What a purrfect weekend combination 1Cat! I've posted some of these before as while attempting to relearn French I asked this site for cat book suggestions that I could buy the translations to read. And then while buying them I bought others in English 'cause I couldn't help myself... I'm a...
  6. scraggles

    Cats In Boxes!

    And so Scamp doesn't feel left out... :thumbsup:
  7. scraggles

    Cats In Boxes!

    Yes, can I help you? :tongue:
  8. scraggles

    Matted Cat Hair

    I too have a long haired cat who hates being brushed, particularly his belly and under his legs. I've had to bring him to the vet to get matting shaved out as some of the matting was getting pretty tight against the skin and wasn't safe to just snip out. I've snipped out loose matting before...
  9. scraggles

    Open Abscess, Is This Normal? (kind Of Graphic) Photo Attached

    Thank you all so much for replying! I don't live in the States so my vet doesn't open again for a couple of hours. I'll still phone them just to check in once open but it's comforting to know that it's not unusual for the wound to look like that. It actually looks a bit better this morning and...
  10. scraggles

    Open Abscess, Is This Normal? (kind Of Graphic) Photo Attached

    Thank you so so much for replying Furrballsmum, unfortunately my vet has closed for the night but I will check in again tomorrow morning. That photo was taken within fifteen minutes I'd say of leaving the vet, unfortunately I didn't see the wound while there as they'd already put him in his...
  11. scraggles

    Open Abscess, Is This Normal? (kind Of Graphic) Photo Attached

    Hi all, I'm just back from the vet with my poor Scamp who managed to get an abscess on his back. He was in overnight and the vet sedated him to clean it out etc today. I was wondering if anyone could advise me as I'm worried about how the wound looks, it seems very open to me, is this normal to...
  12. scraggles

    Contest August Picture Of The Month: Cats Hiding!

    Entry: Where's Scamp?! :chessirecat: :dunno:
  13. scraggles

    Travelling And Leaving My Cats At Home. Help.

    Hello and welcome to the cat site Naomi! I see from your profile pic that you're from Ireland! You'll get great advice from people here and you'll notice as you get to know this site that many members are from the States and advocate keeping cats indoors at all times, which is very different to...
  14. scraggles

    Double Trouble

    Another beautiful photo, mama africa. :hearthrob::hearthrob:
  15. scraggles

    Double Trouble

    Those photos are purrfect, Purr-fect! :purr: Very cool photo of a very cool kitty, Kittypa. :catrub:
  16. scraggles

    Double Trouble

    Any photos of your cats and their reflections you'd like to share?! :seesaw::itslove:
  17. scraggles

    Balancing Act

    Scamp up balancing on the same bedposts as Scraggles in the first post on this thread.
  18. scraggles

    Going On Holidays And Worried About Bored Cats.

    Brilliant! - I'll grab some toys and maybe give them to my family so that they're "new" for the cats and might generate interest. I like the idea of puzzle feeders too, the cat I'm most worried about is a bit of a guzzler and very energetic and the other cat isn't quite quick enough for feeders...
  19. scraggles

    You May Be A Cat Person If...

    You find threads like this one fascinating :yess::poop: How Often Does Your Cat Poop?
  20. scraggles

    Going On Holidays And Worried About Bored Cats.

    Hello! I'm going to be going away for about a week soon on holidays. This'll be my first time away for this length since my cats came to me and I'm far more nervous about it than I thought I would be. My family are going to take turns to look after the kitty cats, they're all dog people...