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  1. Moka

    Cat Tattoos?

    The amount of pain often depends on where and what you get. If there is a lot of color or shading, it will be more painful. If it is fairly simple and not on a sensitive or boney part of your body, it shouldn't be too bad. It also depends on your pain tolerance and to some extent, the skill...
  2. Moka

    Trimming nails

    Yeah, you are probably right. :lol:
  3. Moka

    Long haired red/cinnamon and white tuxedo

    Your boy would be a domestic long hair, just like @GoldyCat said. Most cats are domestic and not any specific breed. That does not make them any less amazing or special. But, if you want to be more specific about his coloring, I would describe your kitty as a domestic long haired, red mackerel...
  4. Moka

    Trimming nails

    I have very bright little LED flash light that I hold in my teeth when I trim my kitty's claws. It really helps to see things better and makes me more comfortable that I am not about to cut too much off. Cats can feel when you are nervous or hesitant and it makes them nervous and more likely...
  5. Moka

    Arthritis supplements - other than Cosequin or Dasuquin

    I use Duralactin for my cat's inflammation issues. It seems to work and Salem will (most of the time) willingly take it. It comes in gelatin capsules that you open and mix the powder into whatever. Salem is a kibble addict, so I can't mix it into wet food. I just mix it with a little water...
  6. Moka

    I was stimulating my kitten and red (probably blood) came out, what could be the cause?

    It could just be something similar to diaper rash. I am not a vet, but one kitten my family hand reared was just raw from all the toileting and we had to smear desitin on his bits. I have no clue if desitin is even safe for cats, but this was years ago. The fact that your kitten is acting...
  7. Moka

    Happy Spooky Season From Salem!

    lol Aren't cats just amazing at being beyond adorable and terrifying at the same time?! When I walk into a dark room, all I can see of Salem is her green glowing eyes. Black cats are just awesome!
  8. Moka

    Happy Spooky Season From Salem!

    It's that time of year! 🎃 I love Halloween and I think Salem must be a fan of classic horror flicks. :lol: I keep a shower curtain on my bed when I am not in it as we have had a pee problem in the past. Salem is better now, but why risk it, right? Anyways, when I am in bed I keep the curtain...
  9. Moka

    Inappropriate messages

    I just got one too. I flagged it. Gross.
  10. Moka

    Embarrassing/Awful Cat Stories

    I guess I thought it was a bit different since Salem intentionally put her butt into my hand for rubs. :lol:
  11. Moka

    Embarrassing/Awful Cat Stories

    I think I might be able to beat @ArtNJ. My cat Salem was whining in the middle of the night for attention. I being half asleep, just plopped my hand over the side of the bed and Salem pushed her nose into my hand for pets. Some time later, she came back and my hand was still over the edge of...
  12. Moka

    What do i have here, ?

    What a beautiful boy! I would describe him as a domestic shorthair, brown mackerel tabby.
  13. Moka

    Discouraged and a bit sad...

    Just to add to what @Kieka said about bringing extra towels, wipes and water to the vet . . . I also add a few trash bags and human hand wipes to my kitty "diaper bag". It sucks to have to clean up a mess, have no where to put the used towels and have to drive home with gross hands. Any...
  14. Moka

    Weird Wake Up Behavior

    Salem will sometimes cry out if she is alone in a room as well. Though, it sounds totally different from when she is waking up. It just feels like she is saying "where are you?" You may be right about the neediness. She did not get a whole lot of quality time with her mom or siblings and I...
  15. Moka

    Weird Wake Up Behavior

    That makes sense. I didn't even think that Salem might not be fully awake when making these sounds. Thanks
  16. Moka

    Weird Wake Up Behavior

    I have had my 3 year old DLH, Salem since she was 4 ½ weeks old. She is “different” to the point where she might be considered special needs just because of her behavioral problems, but she has some physical issues as well that need continued maintenance. Anyways, this post really isn’t about...
  17. Moka

    Any ideas?? Domestic shorthair or blue Russian ?

    What cuties! I would say they are blue domestic short hairs. I am not an expert on Russian blues, but the chances of someone finding a pure bred kitten of ANY breed in a shelter is fairly slim. Most cats are domestics and not any particular breed or mix of breeds. That does not make you girls...
  18. Moka

    I want yo know whether my kitten is a female or male please someone help

    It is really hard to tell with such a furry butt, but from your second pic, I would lean towards male. Hopefully some other people will weigh in too.
  19. Moka

    Will my kitty be long or short haired?

    Kitten fluff can be a bit deceiving, but I think that your little one is a short hair.
  20. Moka

    Kitten will not stop chewing headphones

    I feel your pain. My cat had killed at least 6 pairs of headphones before I started protecting the cord. I use plain aquarium air tubing (Plastic, not silicone), slice it down the side with a razor and then work each part of the cord into the cut. I cut three separate pieces of tubing, one for...