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  1. kristenann

    Survey: What color eyes does your cat have?

    Reylan has light blue/gray eyes Abrams has yellow eyes Panzer has bright yellow eyes Nikola has yellow/green eyes Andromeda has yellow/green eyes All are domestic kitties, no specific breed.
  2. kristenann

    Same Cat

    Reylan Gibbons Nikola
  3. kristenann

    Gabapentin Before Vet Visit

    That is a very standard dose to use for this purpose. I give my kitties the same dose before they have to get blood work so they don't get as stressed. Don't be concerned if he seems a bit drunk it's pretty normal. I would much rather my cats be a bit tipsy for their visits than scared. I think...
  4. kristenann

    Help! My Cat Is Itching His Ears To Death!

    I totally understand what you are going through. I too have a cat with the worst itchy ears ever. We did a food trial with Royal Canin Rabbit food. It didn't work for him so his dermatologist basically ruled out good allergies but it might for your guy. You GF is right that you need go give it...
  5. kristenann

    Ugh Cat Hair!!!

    Bald kitties are beautiful!
  6. kristenann

    Kitty Poo Club

    Boo I know. I just ordered my most recent shipment from chewy. Petsmart has then as well though they charge 3x as much in store so I usually order online for pickup.
  7. kristenann

    Dental Every Year?

    I think leaving bad teeth in her mouth and allowing dental disease to progress would be worse than the risk posed by dental procedures. However, maybe there are things you can do at home to slow ride progression of dental disease so she needs them less frequently? Maybe some T/D kibble as a...
  8. kristenann

    Ugh Cat Hair!!!

    I have 4 DSH boys so I understand what you are dealing with. Plus I'm kind of lazy so I hate spending a bunch of time vacuuming cat hair and not all my boys even like being brushed. To keep everyone sane this shedding season I shaved the worst offender and will probably do so with the rest. The...
  9. kristenann

    Lifelong Flea / Heartworm Preventative For Indoor Kitties

    Indoor only cats can get heartworm disease and there is no treatment if they do. Yes, it may be unlikely but it is possible and it can cause sudden death. So no, I don't think she is trying to upsell you. She is trying to advocate for the best preventative care for your cats.
  10. kristenann

    Do You Give Bath To Your Indoor Only Fur Friend?

    I have 4 indoor only DSH's and I bathe them all every couple of months. It's really not a big deal for my guys. I warm the bathroom beforehand with a space heater, put them in the tub, wet them with the shower hose, soap, and rinse. Then I let them air dry in the warm bathroom. They probably...
  11. kristenann

    Do Your Cats Watch Tv?

    My kiddos like the cat channels on YouTube, otherwise they are not too interested.
  12. kristenann

    Metamucil To Prevent Anal Gland Issues

    I have a kitty with anal gland issues as well. I give him Glandex daily but it really doesn't seem to help which is frustrating considering he has good quality firm stool. Therefore, I think it's unlikely a certain treat is causing your cats issues as well. Most cats can normally express their...
  13. kristenann

    Contest February Picture Of The Month: Stink-eye Cats

    Entry - Nikola woken from a nap
  14. kristenann

    The Teeeeeth

  15. kristenann

    Stud Cat As A Pet

    I've never bred but I don't believe all Tom's spray. 2 of my boys I found as intact adults, both 2+ years and had them for several weeks before getting them neutered and they did not spray.
  16. kristenann

    Katt3 Cubes Or Vesper V-high Base?

    I have this: Which is similar to the Vesper you are looking at. I have 4 trees total in my house and the Vesper is by far the best looking and the cats really like it. Not a huge tree though but overall I recommend it. Your cats will love either though and both the most.
  17. kristenann

    Lap Cats

    Nikola, Reylan, Abrams kind of piling on/ around my lap
  18. kristenann

    Cat Names

    Permanent residents: Tiberius Reylan Gibbons Panzer Nikola Abrams Ferals or rescues we rehomed: Ginger Snap Sherbert Luna Elon Oreo Pumpkin
  19. kristenann

    Getting Rid Of Hyperpigmentation After Ringworm

    With time the areas may fade. The reason they grew in darker is because he is a stunning color pointed cat. I'm a tad rusty on the science but it is something like this: The gene for color points is a heat sensitive partial albinism. The warmer parts of the cats around the torso activate the...
  20. kristenann

    Contest November Picture Of The Month: Cats And Blankets

    Entry - Captain Tiberius just woken up