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    My cat is acting strange after taking the drugs the vet gave us

    Sorry for this. It is difficult to treat a pet that can't communicate & not understanding what is happening ends up stressing you out! She may be out of it as a side effect of Flagyl Which symptoms came first, breathing or inappetence? Does she have a fever (maybe your vet or a tech can check...
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    IBD cat not eating

    Hi, thanks for asking. He's not eating very well even with stimulants & is sleeping a lot (of course except at night when he keeps me awake). It's hard to tell if this is still from Solensia/cyproheptadine/Elura side effects or advancement of his CKD/IBD. He hasn't lost weight in the last week...
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    IBD cat not eating

    Well, Dude started vomiting this a.m., is just sleeping & isn't eating. Hopefully just from the Solensia shot on Friday. So I started SEB as a precaution. Another tip: I massage Dude's belly. You can feel the ropy intestines. It seems to help him, or maybe helps me to feel like I'm doing...
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    IBD cat not eating

    The picture of Chatchka in September looks good. She'll be okay, you just have to get the right combo. You're pilling 4x a day, for me that's not excessive unless you're not using gel caps to combine them & instead giving her individual pills. I've pilled him 4x a day, if I didn't make his...
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    IBD cat not eating

    Could it be pain-related? Dude's appetite & sociability decline substantially due to his arthritis. Solensia helps greatly when it works.
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    IBD cat not eating

    If the pilling is the holdup, I'd get a feeding tube ASAP while she's relatively healthy. You can give her extra food & all the meds that way until she's stabilized. Please read the following & consider talking to a vet. Feeding tube in a feline. Why being aggressive saves you one of those 9 lives.
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    Has anyone tried slippery elm bark for their cat?

    I bought this: Slippery Elm Bark | Nature's Way® I made a syrup as described here: The 'Emergency Food' Herb Every Pet Owner Needs to Have in the Medicine Cabinet Dude really likes the taste of it, he considers it a treat. It seemed to help when he had vomiting from IBD. No side effects that I...
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    IBD cat not eating

    So the results show she has IBD, not cancer? Can you eliminate the Chlorambucil? Seems to be overkill for IBD unless Prednisolone by itself doen't work. Dude has been fine using just Prednisolone. Don't give up! You can see from Dude's weight chart that he went from 11 lbs to 8 lbs. If he drops...
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    IBD cat not eating

    I was switching from one stimulant to the other each day in order to counter the effects you described. Perhaps you could try the Mirataz & Elura on alternating days. I've used the slippery elm bark syrup, Dude really seems to enjoy it. I think I gave him 3ml each night. It seemed to help.
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    IBD cat not eating

    Appetite stimulant. He just needs prodding to eat. Here's his weight since being diagnosed with IBD. He lost weight when I had him on Fluoxetine for spraying after a new kitten adopted me. I eventually had to go to cypro or Elura alternating with cypro in order to keep his weight around 10 lbs.
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    Taking violent cats to vet

    Sneak gabapentin into their food if you can't give it to them directly. They'll be drowsy enough, even nearly "limp", and allow you to take them to the vet.
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    IBD cat not eating

    I increase the Pred my cat, Dude, takes daily when it seems he is eating less, then reduce it after he gets back into a groove. In the last year I've had to increase his cyproheptadine to a daily dose (but small, 1mg). He eats Hill's k/d dry, since he's also CKD, which allows me to leave it out...
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    IBD cat not eating

    I had the same problem. Use gel caps for the Elura. I used two #4 caps (Capsule Sizes) given at diferent times of the day because they're smaller & easier to administer & because the Elura sometimes doesn't work so twice a day helps ensure I hit the right time. However, one large dosage may work...
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    Old Cat Weakness in Hind Legs

    Hyperthyroid cats drink more water than usual. This could deplete potassium, causing muscle weakness. I had this happen with a CKD cat. You can try massaging her back legs for arthritis. The muscles are probably tight due to the stiff joints.
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    16 year old female cat not eating and we are told it’s hyperthyroidism?

    From my experience, I'd get her on a feeding tube ASAP. Twice I've tried the gels/syringe & it wasn't enough. I think my last cat might've lived had I gotten him on the feeding tube while we diagnosed him.
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    My cat is scratching and howling after Revolution Plus dose

    Rev+ site says it starts killing fleas w/in 6 hours. The fleas are probably running all over her, biting, etc. as the med takes effect, which is causing temporary discomfort. I had a similar experience with Capstar.
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    Reaction to Solensia

    The Solensia wore off after 3 weeks. I started 1mg/day Cyproheptadine & changed his Prednisolone to daily. His appetite has returned to normal. I'm not sure I want to continue the Solensia but Gabapentin wasn't great either.
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    Spay incision (WITH PHOTOS)

    I ran off to the emergency vet when my cat looked like this. They said it was the technique used & she was fine.
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    Elura appetite stimulant, dosing

    Elura sometimes seems to be hit or miss. Has anyone else seen this happening? I believe there must be situations where my cat has recently eaten (maybe even the treats after dosing?) or doesn't feel great at the moment. So, I'm splitting the dose into two half-doses. This seems to be enough to...
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    6 year old cat labored breathing

    I hope all is well, any update?