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  1. FeebysOwner

    Too Many Cats--Too Much Pee

    Tbh, your title says it all. Too many changes, too many additions, too many pretty much everything. You are essentially running a shelter, but with it being a bit free-range. How many of them are neutered/spayed, aside from the kittens younger than 6 mos? What are your plans for...
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    I think I can safely say that no one will ban you from this site based on your posts so far. You recognize your situation and that is what matters the most.
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    Liquidation outlets are a blessing stocked with discounted cat food

    You need to look at the expiration dates on the food and take that into consideration when buying bulk. Dented cans, as well as any suspicious marks on the bags are other things to look for. You might also look at recalls, including those that contain lot numbers. If they pass the muster on...
  4. FeebysOwner

    Sneezing and Decreased Appetite

    Along the lines of smelling - if he does have congestion, you can run hot water in a bathroom shower with the door closed to let the room get steamy, and then take him in there and sit with him for a few minutes to see if that helps clear any congestion he may have. If the Covenia doesn't...
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    Nope - not that at all.
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    At my wit's end

    Ok, I already broke my promise to shut up, but please recognize that anxiety meds would likely do nothing if there is a neurological disorder, or other trigger, going on with Gracie, nor would it stop Boone from being scared and intimidated by Gracie's attacks. And even if you could stop the...
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    That warning has NOTHING to do with you. It is placed on all posts that are asking for financial help. If you will go back and look at many of the SOS threads you will find it on each of them.
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    At my wit's end

    So, that just leads me to believe that whatever provokes her isn't something that impacts the basement. You'd have to be present to do it, but I wonder what would happen if Boone and Gracie both spent some time together during each day, or several times a week, in the basement under your...
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    Lack of appetite due to Anal Glands Issue

    Not all cats are negatively affected by Covenia, but it seems there are enough of them that I thought it was worth mentioning. Let us know if any of the food ideas work!
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    At my wit's end

    Thanks for the extra info. I still say something is causing it, or it would be more consistent and constant. It is just not obvious enough for you to pick up on without scrutinizing the heck out of everything that goes on. The other thing to consider is time-outs. Each time Gracie goes after...
  11. FeebysOwner

    Lack of appetite due to Anal Glands Issue

    Hi. It could be the antibiotics that are bothering her stomach, even if they were administered via an injection vs. orally. I suspect the antibiotic was Covenia and a number of cats lose their appetite and/or become lethargic while it lasts in their system, which can be for weeks. It could also...
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    At my wit's end

    Hi. How old are these cats? I presume they are spayed/neutered (sorry, have to ask because one never knows)? Did you adopt them together? Did you do proper introductions to your home and with each other? And, has this gone on their entire time together? If this a 'newer' development, there could...
  13. FeebysOwner

    Cat acne? Ingrown hair?

    Hi. Who knows what that is. It could be food or dirt that was caked and when you pulled it the hair follicle came with it. Maybe it is a form of acne/black head, or any other number of skin conditions. If it didn't bleed, and the site looks OK, I would just check for it to recur, and maybe keep...
  14. FeebysOwner

    Rushed initial introduction of adults cats, now concerned about longterm success

    Hi and welcome to TCS! As you suggested, you just rushed the introduction process. Since both cats are fairly new to your home, neither is really 'at home' in your house just yet. And even though they are young cat, some cats just take longer to adapt. 2.5 weeks is nothing, tbh. He needs...
  15. FeebysOwner

    Reintroduction: tension during the eat/play/love phase with new Catification in the apartment.

    Who knows if one or all tactics attributed to the improvement. I think I would let this current process go on for a while longer before considering letting them free overnight.
  16. FeebysOwner

    Holding bad leg up

    I still think looking into physical therapy is a good idea. I'd like to hear from a specialist that Willow's leg is only going to get worse and that therapy, which has many forms, would not help. I don't think that is what you would hear. As drastic as it may sound, perhaps amputation is an...
  17. FeebysOwner

    Mama cat moved her kittens to a place that can become very hot during the day?

    Hi and welcome to TCS! Mama cats tend to move their kittens around if they are concerned about their safety. So, see what might have been worrisome to her in the place they were before, and if you can correct the problem, then do so. Kittens can do well with a lot of heat. Is the sun shining...
  18. FeebysOwner

    Featured Cat will not use litter box

    Hi. You have to look at what all went on in and outside your house right before he stopped using the litter box(es). If he regularly used them before and is not now, then something has changed. New pets, new people, etc? Changes in the room where his litter box(es) are? At his age, you can't...
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    Featured Cat is meowing after eating and seems like she's in pain

    Hi! How old is this cat? I'd suggest having the pancreatitis test run - FPLI (feline pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity) which requires analysis by a lab. There is a SNAP version that many vets can run with same day results, but it is typically less reliable. It is possible that the vet may...
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    11 week old kitten and 11-year-old cat, playing or hunting?

    I tend to err on the side of caution, so I think there is more to this than play. I understand the introduction process was cut short because you didn't see a need to drag it out, but there is some tension from Khaleesi that maybe wasn't there initially, and has built up the longer Ada is...