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  1. Feste

    Moving with 4 cats in a uhal

    No matter which route you decide (car or Uhaul), I would makes sure to get each cat familiar with car rides in their carrier. Take one or two with you while running errands every week. Spoil them with treats afterwards so that they associate car rides with positive associations. If they only...
  2. Feste

    Debating Neutering Cat

    Thank you everyone for your advice! In the end, we decided to get Nemo neutered. Our vet offers a laser procedure, so he is scheduled for one this week.
  3. Feste

    Barn cat retirement

    Have you tried moving him to a screened porch or a small indoor area that would be easy to clean if he missed the box? Since he is used to going outside, if you are trying to get him to use the box outside, he will probably default to what he is used to. If he doesn’t have the option to dig in...
  4. Feste

    Debating Neutering Cat

    That is precisely why I posted the question. It is not fair (or normal) for her, and I don't want her suffering for it. She is perfectly fine with our youngest cat. When I confine Nemo (the problem child) to a room, she and the younger one run around and play. But that may be because he was a...
  5. Feste

    Debating Neutering Cat

    She was spayed when I adopted her. So the ethical dilemma never arose. It is important whether male or female. We never would have adopted the two males if she wasn't spayed, and obviously, vice versa.
  6. Feste

    Debating Neutering Cat

    We have three cats: an older female cat (spayed), and intact male cat (5) and and younger male cat (also intact). They are indoors only, so there is no risk of unwanted pregnancies or serious cat fights. Our middle cat, male who is 5, recently took to chasing our older female cat, and he will...
  7. Feste

    Hello! Large backpack cat carriers?

    We have three cats, varying in length. The Sherpa pet backpack has been by far the best we tried (you can get one on Amazon through their Warehouse used section for a decent price). It is roomy and sturdy, and it can be laid on the side like a regular carrier. When hiking, it hasn’t felt like...
  8. Feste

    NORWEGIAN FOREST ESA New to raw feeding

    When I first started feeding Feste raw, I followed Dr. Karen Becker’s recipe and supplemented the calcium with raw. She also ate Primal frozen nuggets for her evening meal as I was scared I wasn’t balancing the homemade raw well enough. Four years and an additional cat later, they both eat...
  9. Feste

    At my wit's end, I'm so tired. 5 years of spraying. Desperate for help.

    It won't resolve the issue, but it might be worth a try to keep him from spraying the same spots like your bed. You can put a little bit of a geranium or citrus scented spray on the spots that he sprays. Cats don't like the smell of either and will avoid those areas.
  10. Feste

    Cat Meowing All Night

    He was quieter last night. We put his mat near a window and kept him up all day. He still got us up at 5 am, but I can take that over waking up every hour to quiet him. :) Thank you!
  11. Feste

    Cat Meowing All Night

    Thank you everyone for the ideas and advice! neely, I empathize, as we haven't had a night without waking up multiple times. We will try giving him his own space. Thank you for the advice. We kept him awake as di and bob suggested and will see if he can sleep through some of the night. I don't...
  12. Feste

    Cat pee smell, no pee to be found. How do I get rid of it?

    Bawking soda and vinegar will remove the pee from the carpet. You can also sprinkle some baking sodas on the carpet, let it sit for a half hour and then vacuum it before you’re move out inspection.
  13. Feste

    Cat Meowing All Night

    We adopted a Maine Coon mix kitten, almost a year as the best guess-timate, last month. We didn't realize that he had been a mostly outdoor cat (and we are an indoor cat except for harnessed explorations of the yard and local park). He meows all night long, starting around midnight. We play...
  14. Feste

    Top Entry Litter Box Help

    Thank you everyone for the advice! I took the top off last night, and he used it this morning, but he might be too cramped as he is a large cat. I’ll look into the larger boxes. Thank you again!
  15. Feste

    Top Entry Litter Box Help

    I have a Modcat top entry litter box, which my four year old cat used from day one. Recently, we adopted a one year old cat, but he refuses to use the top entry box. We have a regular litter pan, which both cats used, so we know it is not an issue of sharing boxes. He also uses the pine litter...
  16. Feste

    Feeding raw and canned? What to do? Canadian options

    I am using Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium. I used to use bone meal, but it made Feste a little constipated.So when I finished the jar, I switched to the seaweed. It is about two teaspoons per pound of homemade cooked or raw food. Binx sounds like he might play with the Kong. Sometimes, I’ll...
  17. Feste

    Feeding raw and canned? What to do? Canadian options

    For me, homemade raw or cooked (if I give Feste pork or a little bit of fish) has been best. I don't add any bone, as I don't have a grinder, but I do add a seaweed calcium replacement (to make up for the bone), and she does eat the bones in sardines and anchovies. In terms of bone content, I...
  18. Feste

    Questions for those who homecook

    You can try adding a pinch of cheese or some sardines to tempt her to try it and overlook the texture.