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  1. danielle07

    WORMS! Help :(

    Hi!! I’ve mentioned in some previous posts that last month we adopted a kitten (5mo) named Fish! We got him to be a playmate and buddy for our older Siberian cat (5yo) Percy. Right before we got Fish, the foster mom informed us he had some new upset tummy diarrhea. She promptly took him to the...
  2. danielle07

    Older cat playing very rough with new kitten

    Thank you so much, that analogy put it into perspective for me 100%!!
  3. danielle07

    Older cat playing very rough with new kitten

    My fiance and I have just adopted a new kitten who is 5mo and is a playful and energetic kitten. We have a 5yo Siberian cat named Percy who has always been extremely social and playful as well. Percy, lately, has been playing VERY rough with the kitten. The kitten will even whine and cry out...
  4. danielle07

    Comment by 'danielle07' in media 'FullSizeRender.MOV'

    how fun!!!! i want to play in there too lol!:p
  5. danielle07

    New Kitten Blues????

    Thank you so much! I have been wanting to transition from free feeding kibble for a long while but Percy has been SO resistant to it in the past... luckily, this situation is forcing me to tackle the problem now!
  6. danielle07

    New Kitten Blues????

    Hi!! I am new to this site and very excited to be in a community filled with other cat lovers and cat gurus!! I am bringing my dilemma here because I feel like my fiance thinks I am crazy and so do all of my friends! My fiance and I have a 5 year old Siberian cat named Percy who weighs in at...