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  1. Telstar

    You know you have a cat when...

    ohh yes!
  2. Telstar

    Homemade kibble treats

    I already give him commercial freeze-dried snacks, which are fine. I don't need the fuss of making something similar. What I want is to replace the kibble snacks which contains a lot of sh*t. My cat pretends both at least twice a day.
  3. Telstar

    Homemade kibble treats

    Hello, Anyone has a healthy recipe for preparing kibble to use as snacks? I have only found awful stuff full of flour and other crap.
  4. Telstar

    7 month old ragdoll male uses litter box but ALWAYS has poop on his butt! Help!

    Since the trim wasn't a solution (it usually is), the issue is in the food. Kittens are very sensitive to what they eat. Ideally you should continue the same diet that they received from the breeder until around 12 months. photos please! I love ragdolls :)
  5. Telstar

    Furminator on bengal

    I used to use the furminator on my Siberian, then I just use a metal comb with large spaces
  6. Telstar

    Ideas for letting my indoor cats get a little fresh air

    Are you sure you are not allowed to put safety nets?
  7. Telstar

    Here we go again...

    If my cat would throw up, I would think it's more than a change in recipe.
  8. Telstar

    Safe life of opened can of catfood?

    Yeah... I have to buy the smallest cans I can find. Warming does help with wet food, that's also true.
  9. Telstar

    Here we go again...

    I'll try to find it too.
  10. Telstar

    Here we go again...

    That could be some contamination, not just a formula change.
  11. Telstar

    Does new food really cause digestive issues?

    Yes, and they always change recipes for the worst.
  12. Telstar

    You know you have a cat when...

    Oh yes, they can. Mine knows when I'm going to get up from the couch so he comes to sit on my lap just before.
  13. Telstar

    Does new food really cause digestive issues?

    Murphy's law of cat food: whenever you stock on their favourite food is the day they stop liking it.
  14. Telstar

    Nutritional Supplement

    idk if you are asking what you could add to make the food more appealing or to make it complete. If it's the former, fortiflora or some powdered freeze-dried meat can help. if it's the latter, you could look at supplements for homemade recipes. There should be a german site that sells a powder...
  15. Telstar

    Nutritional Supplement

    If she is remotely as picky as mine, Thrive is the only complete wet food she will ever eat. I could feed a whole colony with all the cans I thrashed over the years.
  16. Telstar

    Feeding and play

    My cat is used to ask me to play, and generally eats or goes out (sheltered balcony) after the session. It really depends on the cat, but they should play *before* eating not after - one catches a prey and then eats it.
  17. Telstar

    Cat hissing at other cat after spay

    It's the foreign smells on her.
  18. Telstar

    You know you have a cat when...

    You have cat hair on your clothes You do not keep plants in the house You do not have glassware on shelves You shop for pet food before yours You look around for something (safe) your cat will like to play with There is litter in your trash bags
  19. Telstar

    Getting new kitten, what's best?

    He well may start right after you bring a female in his territory.
  20. Telstar

    New 76 inch tall cat tree!

    My cat always wants to reach the ceiling :D with that thing, yours may