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    My cat is too stupid to understand how litter is supposed to work

    Firstly, I didn’t read all of your post, BECAUSE YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Secondly invest in an enclosed litterbox. Cannot stress this enough they are a godsend. I know this is not what you wanna hear but I will try also cleaning out once a day. Cats instinctively want to bury their waste...
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    New kitty biting my arms.

    I think sometimes people think that they want a kitten to not bite them because when the kitten grows up to be a full grown cat their bites will then hurt. Even at three months if the kitten wanted to hurt you she could. I’m full contact with my cat and have been since she was a feral kitten...
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    Why do cats want you to look at raised paw?

    I have a theory that most domestic cats learn on mimic human behaviour. I think meowing is what they think we say. Like they’re saying just make an annoying noise like humans do that’ll work. So maybe your cuts mimicking waving or something you do.
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    Playing with hands

    Actually as an adult cat she really even leaves any marks or breaks the skin. And if she actually does hurt me, on the rare occasion, she will be more upset than I am. Mostly it’s just Another way to interact and play apart from toys or puzzles. I’m actually really surprised overall how intube...
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    Kitten too excited for treats

    I don’t know if this helps but I used to be allergic to cats too. I guess exposure every day to my kitchens dander seemed to negate or let my immune system becomes accustom cat dander. As for treats I try and buy small solid treats. When she was a kitten I would throw the treats around to tire...
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    Cat sniffing outlets

    Yeah I’d say it’s probably a bug. I’ve watched my cat watch walls many a time and pull out a bug/spider/insect. One time I watched her watch a wall for about half an hour, then pull out a giant huntsman spider. And then run away from me to stop me from taking that of herbefore she can eat it.
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    Can anyone explain Puma's quirky behavior?

    Cats are weird, they do weird stuff. My cat when it’s cold loves nothing more to come up to me when I’m lying on my right side and knead my arm for about half an hour. She absolutely cannot wrap her head around me lying on my left side and doing the same thing. I watch her try, in complete...
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    Neighbours elderly cat is living on my doorstep.

    It sounds like this cat is terrified of the dog or there’s too much going on in that house. Let the cat in feed it give it a bit of affection if that’s what suits you. It also sounds like they don’t seem all that interested in that cats well-being. Some people are like that, when something is...
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    My cat's begging is starting to annoy me

    I’m in no position to give advice on this thread. I constantly give my cat human food. I tried to limit it to food she supposed to eat, so if I’m eating Indian food I’ll give her chicken from the middle of the chicken pieces so it’s got no spices on it. If I’m eating pizza I’ll look for bits of...
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    Save the bath for when they get poo or food on themselves. Because that’s gonna happen a lot. Unless you fancy getting what my cat gives me for the next two days after a bath, skunk eye
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    Playing with hands

    So I’m gonna go against the grain here, everyone he will tell you not to let them play with your hands. I let my cat play with my hands and this has taught her what my pain threshold is, what’s okay and what’s not. it also has helped me to gauge where she’s at. She does not bite hard very often...
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    Signs of Affection?

    Biting isn’t always a sign that they don’t like you. My cat will often play with my hands and bite them and then to sit there with my hand in her mouth. If I try to pull my hand away she’ll stick her claws in and pull me towards her. She just kind of wants to sit with my hand in her mouth. The...
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    Cat raising hell

    At eight months your kitten is now a teen. It has the energy and enthusiasm and inquisitive nature of a kitten, coupled with the biochemistry of a full-grown cat. Your cat sounds clever and mischievous. Which is good and will be a great attribute to keep you amused in the future. I cannot...
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    chewing paper or plastic

    Why does my cat sit on plastic bags? Why does my cat chew on paper bags? Why does my cat have ongoing disputes with all bananas? Why does my cat run off and hide in the middle of a play fight she started? Why does my cat watch me poop? Seriously I would try to understand cat behaviour...
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    I Don't Want Kitten Anymore

    I'm going to be honest and maybe a little harsh. I think it was unfair to ask a kitten to help solve human issues let alone existing family problems. I don't say that as an attack, just from reading your post that's what I took away. Please don't scapegoat a little animal for that, I beg you. As...
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    Why Is My Kitten Less Affectionate Now?

    Cats can be standoffish if unwell. If there's stuff oozing out of his eyes id say a vet visit is in order. My cat was feral and hated being picked up. Over time that softened. Try to learn when your cat wants to be put down. My cat wriggles and i put her down. This amongst other communications...
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    My Cat Hates Me !

    Leave her be until she comes to you. Right now everything you do will be seen as a threat until she decides you're ok again.
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    10 Month Old Male Kitten, Social Problems?

    10 month is provably the "teen" phase. It's hard but it'll pass. Hang in there they will try your patience, he jerks, destroy stuff and snub you till it breaks your heart. Laugh it off WILL pass.
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    Why Do Cats Get The Zoomies?

    My cat runs around in protest Or if I discover something she thinks is gonna get her in trouble
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    4 Month Old Kitten Is Very Clingy/ Dependent

    Just a heads up, when she hits "teenage" phase she won't want to know ya, so I'd enjoy "clingy". Also kittens are still figuring things out like "Are they coming back"? "What's that noise"? "What's dangerous"? I wouldn't over think it Good luck