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    Hi everyone, I

    I'd certainly be keen to see pics of Jack. We have an 'Other Pets & Animals' board where you can post them. What sort of breed is he? I'm sure he is a cutie. ❤
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    Question of the Day, January 27

    I don't know but it sounds delicious!
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    Hi everyone, I

    :hellosmiley: @L kitty and :welcomesign:. I hope that this forum can provide you with an adequate cat fix! There are plenty of members who have beautiful felines who they share plenty of pictures of.
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    The Positive Thread - 2024

    We had a difficult family funeral yesterday, but it meant that everyone was together, except for one cousin and his girlfriend who'd sadly come down with a bug and couldn't make it. So today we all went out for a big meal at a traditional Scottish fish bar and then a walk on the nearby beach...
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    Cat pees by the front door ever .

    I'm in agreement with @Furballsmom and @Kwik . This sounds more like a message for you or a stress/separation anxiety thing than a territorial thing. If it was territorial, he'd be more likely to spray than leave a noticeable puddle of urine (even neutered male cats spray). As has been said...
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    Question of the Day, January 27

    I like to eat cereal with milk on for breakfast, and my chosen cereal changes quite a bit. For a while it was Shreddies, then Frosties or Rice Krispies, and at the moment it's Cornflakes, but I'm thinking of switching to Cheerios for a bit. I used to eat those pillowy Quaker Oats as well, but...
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    A kitten fell down my chimney and I need advice!

    The thing with amphibians is that, like the line from Jurassic Park, their vision is based on movement, so they'll grab anything that moves thinking it's a prey item. I really admire what you're doing with the salamanders. There are so many reptiles and amphibians who suffer because people...
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    A kitten fell down my chimney and I need advice!

    I love how Tato is all "Ooooh, what are you?" and the salamander's just sitting there like it doesn't care.
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    Color? Breed?

    I'd agree your cream girl is probably also Persian, just of a more traditional type. Both gorgeous cats. I feel really bad for all those Persians, because as you say, hard for cats with such extreme typing, not to mention naturally sweet and docile natures, to compete with ferals who probably...
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    Picture of the Month Competition Jan 2024. Vote for your 15 favourite 'The Eyes Have It' photos.

    Voted. This was hard, because all cats have beautiful eyes that you could get lost in, and so all these pictures are naturally beautiful. Makes me wish I could cast 39 votes haha!
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    Color? Breed?

    Firstly, unlike most stray cats who are random bred, I think we can say with certainty that your gorgeous girl is either a Persian or has significant ancestry from a Persian or exotic (a shorthaired breed with Persian features). Her face shape is unmistakeable. Protip: Persian cats need help...
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    My Husband and I, and the future

    I am really touched by your story, and can totally understand both points of view here. Firstly, of course, I am so sorry for your loss of Ryuji. He sounds like a wonderful boy and a unique character. What you describe reminds me of the way two of my cats succumbed to aggressive tumours...
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    Want to get a dog but getting terrified

    More particular to you, @bootsm ... None of the above is to say that you can't integrate an adult rescue dog with a cat, but I would say that you need a cat and a dog with the right personalities. Firstly, what is your cat's personality like? What is their background? Part of the reason me...
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    Want to get a dog but getting terrified

    As above, just throwing my experience out there - but in my case it was a success story. When I was looking into getting my first dog, I knew I needed one that would integrate with my Siamese cat Empress Wu. She was seven years old at the time, very small, and somewhat wary of new people and...
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    What color is my cat

    I can see some faint stripes on his side in the first pic, but would overall agree that this handsome chap is a ticked tabby. I had a ticked tabby Abyssinian X at one point and ignoring the colour the markings (more or less plain body, marked head, legs, and tail, and the dark line down the...
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    My cats doing cat things...

    That's okay. I should have made it clearer! Really I meant it as in she rules the house...;)
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    Does anyone else’s cat sleep like this?

    I wholeheartedly agree with the Mowie! Pretty sure that's what a lot of us look like on a Monday...
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    Peaches unusual orange colour

    Millie is too cute! She looks to me like a dilute torti, which would make sense from a calico mother X blue father. I'd say that with a calico mother and a blue father, Peaches is most likely to be a light orange. He could be fawn, though, if both parents carried the cinnamon gene. I don't...
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    Obsessed with his reflection?

    I'm sensing a theme here. My mother tells a funny anecdote about our family cat Attila (the exact incident happened before I was born). Now Attila was a lovely cat who tried to make friends with every human he met and was extremely close with us. He'd follow us round the house, he sat by my...
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    Peaches unusual orange colour

    It's hard to tell. From the pictures, my vote would be on cream (dilute red), but fawn or a light red are also possible. What colours were his parents? That might shed some light on his likely genetics.