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  1. **GraciesMama**

    name those kitties a-z

    Ruben, Rascoe, Roofus, Randall
  2. **GraciesMama**

    name those kitties a-z

    Simon, Silas, Sugar, Suki
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    Question of the Day, Saturday the 6th of November, 2021

    I could always use an extra hour of sleep however the early night time I will have to admitt that is big trigger for my seasonal depression :( first winter with Grace hopefully will help out with that! my beautiful litte girl <3
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    New kitten anxiety

    This may not be helpful but man I'm jellly! I was totally smitten for Grace and she was like YEAH ok lady slow your roll, we'll see how well you handle my food situation first lmao. But on another note I am a mother of three and I was freaking out the day I brought her home.... and then I had to...
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    Aggressive Kitten

    First off I can NOT handle the cuteness.. secondly I am giving you all the props in the world because I only have one kitten and she takes about all the love, affection, care and attention I can handle right about now. And she's going to get it one way or another lol. However I also have two...
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    Cat attacking my hand

    My Grace is also about the same age and I too was having problems like this, especially with feet. I agree with the previous poster that hand play is something that she is definitely grown fond of or accustomed to. Now with Grace I don't really mind too much because she does it with claws in...
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    Adopting a I expecting too much?

    I would say no matter what you'll have to give them time to adjust.. and even when things seem like they will never warm up to you if you are determined to love them and treat them good reguardless if their behavior is pleasing to your child they will eventually see you only want to love them...
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    Mixing cat treats with food to trick him into eating

    I'm no expert but i'd say a fed cat is better than a hungry cat any way.. goodluck and hugs
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    Kitty is looking very unamused with all the pics mom or dad LOL so purrrfect
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    WOW! Now that's one beautiful cat. -Hi kitty kitty kitty
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    Verrrry Purrrrty coat!!! Little cheetah kitty :) or should I say handsome coat-Sorry Chase! lol
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    Do they meow? Lol JK! Looks like fun! It snowed for a second yesterday here in upstate NY!
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    OMG!! How adorable is this precious furball :)
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    New furmama here! Interested to know what kind of kitten Grace is!

    Thank you!!! Not gonna hear " Mariah you are just a crazy cat lady " here!!! So I'll fit right in :)
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    New furmama here! Interested to know what kind of kitten Grace is!

    So funny you say that because her dad Max was actually taken right out of a forest-ish area then when they moved to the city he was MISERABLE. He would hunt full size bunny rabbits, squirrels you name it! Thank you for responding! Whatever Miss Gracie is shes the 'LOVED' kind of kitten thats for...
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    New furmama here! Interested to know what kind of kitten Grace is!

    Gracie is about 5 months old. She has been with me for one month. In that month I have noticed her fur getting so much thicker, softer and shinnier. She was unfortunately not taken care of the best when I brought her home but with some TLC she is much happier. I've racked my brain and done...
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    name those kitties a-z

    My baby Gracelynn aka Gracie aka Grace aka Gigi <3
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    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    Guarding the house from any pesky little mice! Grace the Guardian Girl.. we love her so much