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  1. Lulu&Finn

    I snapped at my cat.

    Lulu is like Kokomo's cat. There was a time she didn't eat her wet food for weeks. It was during the pandemic when I'm convinced all the cat food changed. She was eating only dry food. She's very fussy and picks one food to eat for 2 weeks or so. Then we have to move on. It's always back to a...
  2. Lulu&Finn

    Does anyone else’s cat sleep like this?

    We always say she’s trying to end it all.
  3. Lulu&Finn

    kitten with diarrhea/positive feline coronavirus

    When Lulu was a kitten I went though the same thing. I just looked at her records because it’s been so long. I did opt for the diarrhea panel and in addition to feline coronavirus she had this “Campylobacter coli”. They put her on Azithromycin and that was what solved the issue.
  4. Lulu&Finn

    Does anyone else’s cat sleep like this?

    She’s such a nut lol.
  5. Lulu&Finn

    Anxiety Cat Food

    My cats are like that too so this past time I had BetterVet come to the house. They were each seen in a bathroom. They didn't love it, but they bounced back fast and I'd definitely go that route again.
  6. Lulu&Finn

    I desperately need advice

    It could be chicken or fish. Lots of cat foods have fish in them even if they don’t say it on the label. Chicken entree for instance. Check the ingredients and you may see fish in there.
  7. Lulu&Finn

    Has anyone else dealt with this before?

    Could he be allergic to fish?
  8. Lulu&Finn

    Experience with cats tipping their water bowls over

    I bought silicone mats for the water bowl and food bowls. Lulu pulls the water bowl to the edge of the mat, tipping it along the way, but she doesn't pull her food bowls to the edge. She's always played with the water. But she's just naughty. lol
  9. Lulu&Finn

    What odd behaviours do your cats have?

    Lulu growls when the doorbell rings and has taught Finn this. Finn! The sweetest cat every born...growls. Lulu also has a routine to wake me up, open bureau doors, pull out socks, climb in, scratch way up onto armoire, climb curtains, rapidly move claws along mirror making a noise no one could...
  10. Lulu&Finn

    Overgrooming Cat + BM issues = Prozac

    I'm glad Cora is better! It's been a lot here too just trying to keep up with fish in foods that have never had it. The list of foods that Lulu can eat on Purina Pro Plan is dwindling. It doesn't help that she is a fussy cat. It sounds like Cora will eat pretty much anything. The Pandemic...
  11. Lulu&Finn

    Obsession with a stuffed animal

    Lulu has “Ollie the Ostrich”. She brings Ollie up to my bedroom at night and down to the family room in the morning. She uses a strange meowing kinda sound the whole time she’s carrying it. It’s the cutest thing ever and she’s been doing it for 3 years now. I hope she never stops.
  12. Lulu&Finn

    Overgrooming Cat + BM issues = Prozac

    I was like you and totally disappointed to see that the foods marked as chicken or turkey have fish oil, oceanfish, tuna. It's almost all of them.
  13. Lulu&Finn

    Hyperesthesia: Gabapentin or not?

    I've never had allergy testing done. I was so happy it stopped once the fish was eliminated. I talked to the vet about my suspicion and she agreed that could be it and we would watch to see. It's been about a year and a half I think.
  14. Lulu&Finn

    Any Good Tips To Get Your Cats To Eat? Share Them Here!

    Can this be used just for this purpose or do they have to have diarrhea?
  15. Lulu&Finn

    Hyperesthesia: Gabapentin or not?

    I know I sound like a broken record but Lulu had all of these symptoms and it was a fish allergy. She no longer does this as long as she doesn't have fish.
  16. Lulu&Finn

    Overgrooming Cat + BM issues = Prozac

    Are you certain she doesn't have a food allergy? Lulu can't eat anyting with fish or she over grooms and flies around the house back twitching.Cat food labeled "chicken" or "beef" still have fish in them a lot of the time.
  17. Lulu&Finn

    Peas or Fish allergy likely culprit

    When we got Lulu she would have back twitching, running around, over grooming near her tail. I truly thought she had Hyperesthesia. Through trial and error I believe she has a fish allergy. She no longer acts this way since she has been on a fish free diet. Every now and then it will happen and...
  18. Lulu&Finn

    Fussy Cat Not Eating Wet Food

    Thank you so much. Im going broke on pro plan. They just raised the prices over $5 for a 24 pack on some flavors.
  19. Lulu&Finn

    Fussy Cat Not Eating Wet Food

    Lulu is the most different cat I've ever owned. One thing she does is only eat one or two wet food options at a time, over and over. Then suddenly she drops one and won't touch it. Well now she has dropped the two she liked. She's only eating dry food, and she's drinking tons of water. I have...
  20. Lulu&Finn

    Plastic bags, why are they so lickable

    My daughter left out a plastic shopping bag two nights ago. I woke up to cat vomit and a pretty good size piece of the bag in the middle of it. Lucky whoever ate it was able to vomit it up.