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  1. kittycatruby1

    Kitten Pooping Liquid

    Try and see if you can get an earlier vet appointment.... Are you sure that you are feeding him the same food that he has previously had? because that can definitely upset their little stomachs. Als make sure he stays super hydrated, as pooping liquid will probably dehydrate him......
  2. kittycatruby1

    Senior Cat Question

    Glad to hear @Trysh ! :cutecat:
  3. kittycatruby1

    Love Names For Your Furkids

    Bandit: ban, bani, banditos, dorito, burrito, fluffy munchkin, meow meow, Sage: Sagey, ittle bittle fluffy, calli (cause she is calico :)) Simba: ba ba black sheep, tigger, beanie, boo :cutecat::kneading:
  4. kittycatruby1

    Terrified Kittens, Need Advice!

    It is perfectly natural for them to want to hide, they're in a completely new environment after all. My eight-week-old kittens were like this too, if possible, limit their access to one room in the house. Also, don't try to pick them straight up, let them come to you. I did this with my kittens...
  5. kittycatruby1

    Does Your Cat Like Belly Rubs?

    So cute!! I wish my cats liked belly rubs :cutecat: my cats just attack my hands when I give them a belly rub:lol:
  6. kittycatruby1

    Weird Kitten Poop?

    @Meghan123 @pushylady TTbe vet said that it’s probably to do with the stress of moving and possible diet change, and just told us to give him poached chicken for his meals for a while and that seemed to settle him down!
  7. kittycatruby1

    Weird Kitten Poop?

    i have noticed that my kitten has had a vomit lately, and I recently got home to a yellow/orange, runny poop in the litter tray.... going up to the vet in 30 minutes but has this happened to any of you (kitten is 8 weeks old)
  8. kittycatruby1

    Bandit And Sage

    Hi!! Just introducing my two new kittens, Bandit - a little spotted ginger boy - and Sage - a pretty calico girl. They’re both 8 weeks old and soooo cute!!
  9. kittycatruby1

    Kitten Vomiting After Vaccination

    Thanks! Went to the vet and they said it’s most likely to be from a change in diet, no more vomits yet!
  10. kittycatruby1

    Extremly Hyper Kitten

    I wouldn't worry, growing up I had a super active and playful kitten that would run up the walls and sit on top of the doors every day and would always want to play (even though he played 24/7!), but he grew up to be a really calm cat who would sit on anyone's lap and love attention, even though...
  11. kittycatruby1

    Kitten Vomiting After Vaccination

    Got two new kittens vaccinated a couple of days ago, and one has vomited twice since then, we recently got them and didn't know what food they ate when they were smaller, so would it possibly be from that? we have a vet visit scheduled for today, but I was just wondering if anyone knew?
  12. kittycatruby1

    My Kitten Is Hiding

    Hi, everyone! I recently got two new kittens (both eight weeks old, I got them yesterday) and they just keep hiding, yesterday they didn't come out f the cat carrier for 2-3 hours, and when they did they both curled up together under my bed. One of them seems to be a little bit more adventurous...