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  1. EnzoLeya

    Mary & Abby

    Welcome!!! Oh my word she's gorgeous!!!!! I'm no expert, but I've really helped my kitty out by changing his diet. My vet isn't fond of the raw diet because of bugs/bacteria. But... I slightly adjusted it and made it a cooked raw diet for my kitty. You need to research it so your kitty gets...
  2. EnzoLeya

    Meow There!

    Welcome! I'm sorry to hear about your loss. It's very hard to lose our furbabies, like you said, nonpet people don't understand how heartbreaking it is to lose them. I had to put down my dog a couple months ago and my cat, Enzo, had a really rough time with it. He got really sick the last 3...
  3. EnzoLeya

    Howdy From Rob And Freyja

    Awe I love it!!! Thank you for adopting a black cat! They have a bad adoption rate :redheartpump:
  4. EnzoLeya

    Hey There, Juliet Here!

    Welcome to the site! She's beautiful!!!
  5. EnzoLeya

    What Breed Is My Cat?

    Oh wow that is a cool pattern! She's like a brown tabby with patches of an orange tabby! So cool. No idea what to call her. Love her little mittens too!
  6. EnzoLeya

    What Breed Do You Think My Stay Is?

    Oh I love that her front legs are very different! So pretty. I call that color calico, but I'm not sure if there is a better name for it. Calicos have white I believe. A fun fact, male calicos are very rare, and from what I heard they are almost always sterile.
  7. EnzoLeya

    16 Weeks Update

    Oh he's beautiful! I love him!!! It is called "classic" tabby, in my head it should be called marble table
  8. EnzoLeya

    What Breed Do You Think My Unique Kitty Is?

    Boy, I can see why you see Savannah in her. I was looking into savanah's pretty heavily and changed my mind at the last minute. In Iowa anything F1-4 is illegal so I would have had to go with an F5 which is 5 generations out from the Serval, I believe it breaks out to 12% Sereval. She looks...
  9. EnzoLeya

    Kitten Litter Problems

    I got Cat Attract Litter for my little guy and it worked great. He did not like my corn litter at first. If you can get stuff shipped from Amazon you need to hop on there. They also make cat attracting litter powder you can add to your own litter. I agree with others on trying different types of...
  10. EnzoLeya

    The babies are hatching! (ball pythons)

    They all came out this morning! Later in the morning after they were all cleaned up I'm keeping the two normal females, they have clear bellies and neat patterns. This is the normal female I liked when it was in the egg Her belly, clear bellies can sometimes mean they are carrying...
  11. EnzoLeya

    The babies are hatching! (ball pythons)

    No problem. The dad doesn't sit on the eggs. The female would if I left them in with her, but I incubate them to avoid losing any. The dad was just in the tub with her to breed, but once they ovulate the females won't accept any advances.
  12. EnzoLeya

    The babies are hatching! (ball pythons)

    Thanks It's Slitherin Sisters
  13. EnzoLeya

    The babies are hatching! (ball pythons)

    Lol, no problem, perfectly logical questions 1. It looks like she ate a Nerf football, or anything huge, I would never feed them anything that made them look that plump. Here is another one I caught ovulating, they only ovulate really big like that for 4-8 hours usually. (excuse the dirty...
  14. EnzoLeya

    The babies are hatching! (ball pythons)

    I came home to a bunch of heads poking out of the eggs, the middle one on the bottom still hasn't pipped -poked his head out of the sack inside of the egg. The pastel is easy to pick out -the head is really light I'm keeping this pastel if it's female I'm keeping this normal if it...
  15. EnzoLeya

    The babies are hatching! (ball pythons)

    Yeah I only breed ball pythons, sorry, lol. Ball pythons are way cooler than corns My largest male is only 2.5 feet and maybe 2 lbs. The males don't get huge. My boys are only a few years old so they will get a bit heavier, but I keep them on the smaller side so they don't turn into lazy...
  16. EnzoLeya

    The babies are hatching! (ball pythons)

    They are cute! I'm going to keep a few girls and sell the rest. This is my small business/hobby (Slitherin' Sisters)
  17. EnzoLeya

    The babies are hatching! (ball pythons)

    Here are some pictures of the breeding season.... Female Ovulating Female on eggs-from the clutch that is hatching today Second female on eggs Third female on eggs a few days ago. I had a fourth girl lay, but they were bad eggs. My incubator, the blue light is a computer fan The...
  18. EnzoLeya

    Some of my past/present Reptiles :)

    Very cool! I love dragons!
  19. EnzoLeya

    Singing in the Rain

    Oh my gosh super cute!!!!
  20. EnzoLeya

    18 exotics..and 1 cat. *pic heavy*

    Awesome collection!!!