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    Hello, Yuliya! Congratulations on soon becoming a cat mom to 2 Russian Blue Mix boys. 🐾 It's wonderful that you care so much about your fur babies' happiness. Russian Blue cats are known for their lovely personalities.
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    I have never heard of this breed of Egyptian Mau

    I'm sorry to hear about your cat's eye infection, but it's wonderful that she's loving and sweet! The Egyptian Mau and Silver Tabby are both beautiful breeds, but it can be challenging to determine a cat's breed solely based on eye color, especially if there's an injury involved. Regardless of...
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    10 week old kittens suckling each other suddenly/Rowdy behavior noticed

    Sounds like your kittens are having a blast! 😄 You could try moving the water dish to a less playful area, like away from their play zone. Also, using a heavier, non-tip bowl might help. Good luck
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    Cat running away from home

    I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of Phoebe and the challenges you're facing with Pinky and the other cats. It's understandable that the recent events have been emotionally challenging for both you and your mom. Cats can react to such situations in different ways, and it's possible that...
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    Anti-Anxiety drugs (Clomicalm) personality changes?

    While some cats may experience temporary personality changes when starting medication, it usually improves as they adjust. The duration of medication can vary, so consult your vet for guidance on the treatment plan. Keep monitoring Gayden's progress, and remember that every cat is unique. Best...
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    Hey! I've been in your shoes. To start, measure food portions and gradually reduce them over a few weeks. Consider switching to low-calorie cat food and add playtime for exercise. Regular vet check-ups are crucial. This approach has worked for me. Good luck! 🐱🍽️
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    Sad News

    I'm truly sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Harley. 😔 It's evident from your heartfelt words that he was a treasured member of your family and brought so much joy into your lives during his 18 years. It's heartwarming to know that he passed peacefully, surrounded by love and care...
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    New shy cat not eating

    Congratulations on adopting your new kitty! 😺 It's entirely normal for her to take some time to adjust to her new environment. Eating habits can be one of the first things affected when cats are in a new place. Give her some space and time to settle in at her own pace. You're doing the right...
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    Stray cat with 8 kittens

    Aww, that's adorable! 😻 It sounds like your kitty was enjoying some quality lap time with you.
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    Flea treatment suggestions

    I completely understand that bathing your cats can be a challenge, especially if they're not fans of water! 😅 Combining gentler methods like combing and using a diluted solution of vinegar or dish soap sounds like a reasonable approach to help keep them flea-free without causing too much stress...
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    Is it just me or are reliable cat sitters really hard to find?

    You make an excellent point about online reviews and star ratings, and it's important for pet parents to be discerning when evaluating potential sitters. 🌟 While positive reviews are reassuring, it's also essential to consider the overall context and not rely solely on perfect ratings. Thanks...
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    Stray cat with 8 kittens

    That's a heartwarming story, and you're absolutely right sometimes, cats surprise us with their understanding. 🐱💕 It's wonderful how Elliot transformed into such a cuddly companion after his vet visit. It's a good reminder that our efforts to help them are often appreciated, even if it doesn't...
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    Cat Grass For Toothless Cat

    I can relate to your toothless kitty's cat grass challenge. One option is to consider growing wheatgrass, which has broader leaves and is easier for cats to munch on. You can find wheatgrass kits at some pet stores or garden centers. Another idea is to consult your vet for toothless cat food...
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    Worried about URI

    I understand how stressful it can be when your furry friends fall ill. You're doing a great job by getting Beth to the vet promptly. Just follow their guidance closely, keep her comfy, ensure she eats, and stays hydrated. URI recoveries can take time, so be patient and monitor her progress. Keep...
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    Did I mess up not releasing 2 kittens?

    The fact that they allow you to hold and pet them and have interacted positively with treats is a good sign. Keep in mind that some feral kittens take more time to socialize than others, and patience is key. It's also important to consider their safety. If you release them back outside, as you...
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    Is it just me or are reliable cat sitters really hard to find?

    I totally understand your frustration; finding a reliable and caring pet sitter can be quite a challenge. You're not expecting too much; after all, you want the best care for your beloved cat, and that's completely reasonable. It's disappointing when sitters don't meet your expectations...
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    Exercising a Senior Indoor Cat

    I totally get where you're coming from; getting a senior cat to exercise can be a bit tricky. It's great that you've been encouraging her to eat, but exercise is crucial too, especially as cats age. One thing you might want to try is interactive play. I've found that toys like feather wands and...
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    Stray cat with 8 kittens

    Hello there, It's wonderful that you're caring for the stray cat and her kittens. Based on your description, it does seem like the mother cat trusts you to some extent if she's allowing you to pet her and be near the kittens. However, introducing them to a crate can be a bit challenging, and...
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    My friends cat has been missing

    I'm sorry to hear about the missing kittens. It's understandable that you're concerned for their well-being. While cats, even at 5 months old, can be quite resourceful, it's still important to keep looking and not give up hope just yet. You could continue searching and spreading the word in your...