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  1. Talien

    Ex feral putting on pounds

    Switch her to a canned food diet with set meal times, that is always the best thing you can do to help a Cat lose weight after they've gorged themselves free feeding. Cats like routines so she will adapt to set mealtimes quickly.
  2. Talien

    Question of the Day - January 17, 2022

    I have pretty much every kemco RPG on my tablet, plus some other RPGs and a few other games like warship fleet command and air fleet command. I'm a casual summoners war player and don't spend any money.
  3. Talien

    Your Cat Self

    I got a TED talk video about big Cats. Go figure.
  4. Talien

    Kitten food question - aka the search continues

    Tiki Cat is for all life stages so it can safely be fed to Kittens. Not 100% sure about Weruva.
  5. Talien

    food obsessed kittens

    That's normal. You cannot overfeed Kittens, they will eat until they are stuffed and all of it will get used. It's very hard to overfeed a pregnant or nursing mother as they also need a lot more nutrients, both while pregnant and nursing. Infact it wouldn't hurt to mix a small amount of KMR into...
  6. Talien

    Critique my (3) cats' diet please.

    The problem with rawz is they won't sell online or through larger distributors like chewy, petco, etc. and only deal with small scale stores. If you don't have a brick and mortar place near you that sells it then you're SOL, and your only option is to buy from resellers on places like amazon. I...
  7. Talien

    Critique my (3) cats' diet please.

    It's actually better to find one food that is good quality that you can afford than to mix raw with junk. Doing that puts stress on them because they are constantly switching between an easily digestible food, and something loaded with plant based ingredients that is much harder to digest...
  8. Talien

    Sudden Diarrhea! Help!

    A 10 year old Cat getting fed 4 different types of food in a short period of time? Yeah.....that's almost certainly the cause. Her intestines are probably about tied in knots and she's going to need time to get back to normal.
  9. Talien

    Critique my (3) cats' diet please.

    Yes, definitely stick to pate. Avoid anything with "gravy", including "chunks in gravy" at all costs since those varieties tend to have higher carb content.
  10. Talien

    Sudden Diarrhea! Help!

    It's possible. A change in diet can do strange things to a Cat. If you are worried talk to your vet, it doesn't cost anything to ask questions and get advice.
  11. Talien

    Please help... Fostered Stray Cat Looks Sad

    You are definitely doing the right thing keeping him inside until he's recovered, it will keep him safe and prevent him from being attacked by other animals that might see he is weakened and go after him. It's normal for some outdoor Cats to want to get back outside, cry and scratch at doors...
  12. Talien

    Sudden Diarrhea! Help!

    Yes, it's most likely due to the sudden food change. Cats are known for having sensitive digestive systems. They often end up having bouts of vomiting and/or diarrhea when they are fed something new without a transition period to slowly get them used to it.
  13. Talien

    Critique my (3) cats' diet please.

    Tiki Cat is very good quality and more affordable than most high end canned foods, it's what I've been feeding mine since Balanced Blends went out of business. It's not as good as raw but it's close, especially if you get the after dark varieties or the chicken varieties that are completely free...
  14. Talien

    Am I feeding my kittens incorrectly and could it be why they have gastro issues?

    It's possible it's the food, some Cats just don't do well with certain ingredients. Though to be perfectly honest hill's is overpriced junk so it wouldn't hurt them to switch to something that's not loaded with so much plant based filler.
  15. Talien

    Corrupt a Wish

    You're 21 again. Unfortunately you're living your own personal groundhog day, and every day is your 21st birthday. I wish new years wasn't such a pointless holiday.
  16. Talien

    Would you for $50,000?

    23 minutes, huh? Where exactly is this bridge of doom?
  17. Talien

    Cats going crazy on Friskies dry food.

    If you are serious about making your own Cat food this site has a ton of good info on how to do it right, the recipe you are feeding them is not nutritionally complete and can actually harm them long term.
  18. Talien

    Choose two smells

    Well, I mean.....what do you think all those fish are doing?
  19. Talien

    Cats going crazy on Friskies dry food.

    Yes it's most likely the food. Dry food is essentially junk food, it's the equivalent of people eating white bread with all kinds of supplements added to make it nutritionally complete and flavorings to make it appetizing. If money isn't a big concern then something like tiki cat or rawz would...
  20. Talien

    Choose two smells