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  1. heraymo

    What "gifts" have your indoor-only cats brought you?

    Mine Brought me a live mouse once ;p
  2. heraymo

    What's the worst place your cat has vomited?

    on my back, i was not pleased and having to take my shirt off made it even worse (SIGH) what we tolerate for our kitties.
  3. heraymo

    Do you let your cat sleep in your bed with you at night?

    My poor Miley likes to sleep in the bed with me. but i am a deep sleeper and toss and turn alot. and sometime find myself with 1/2 a cat body under me. I always feel bad i mean serously i'm a big person and i don't want her hurt but for some reason she keeps on sleeping in my bed.
  4. heraymo

    KitnipBox Giveaway - Let's Have Some Fun!

    Well my cat sleeps near me and if  i make a noise and it wakes her up she look at me slaps her head back onto her bed in frustration and makes like a whine noise. it as if she is pissed i woke her up i never saw a cat do that ;p
  5. heraymo

    Can cats mourn?

    Yes they can mourn and cat's are real sensitive to emotion and change. sorry about your kitty. your cat will return to normal just give her time.
  6. heraymo

    Dissapeared stray cat none feral

    We don't know if she was pregnant im just speculating BUT could she be in heat going out to look for a male funny how a cat gets you in a routine then when its disturbed for her and does the same to us.
  7. heraymo

    Dissapeared stray cat none feral

    well the kitty isn't a house cat she was just a stray we were taking care of it has been 10 months of feeding her and playing with her.but she had become part of our family now we think she may have ran off to have baby's. which is the case if i see her again she is getting fixed. but  i wonder...
  8. heraymo

    Dissapeared stray cat none feral

    i couldnt get the picture thing working but i put last picture i ever took of her on holloween in my avatar she is still gone ; ;   i feel like i failed her.
  9. heraymo

    My stray cat disappeared 3 days ago

    My stray cat Ive been taking care of disappeared 3 days ago i couldn't bring her in cause of allergies but i made sure she was fed even bought a little house for her last time i saw her was when i fed her. i checked on her during the night everyday to make sure she was ok but she wasnt there for...
  10. heraymo

    Dissapeared stray cat none feral

    I honestly am not sure if she is spayed i would love to do it but i'm disabled so getting to vets and stuff is hard its cold here right now but the temp has been back and forth the last couple days.she has a slit in her right ear but it isn't tipped.i really need to get her checked don't think i...
  11. heraymo

    Dissapeared stray cat none feral

    SO are stray that i have been taking care of just up and disappeared last night. and when we went out to feed her this morning she was no were to be seen which is unusual cause she is always there for her feeding and to be played with or inside the shelter i got her. anyways we havint seen her...
  12. heraymo

    Need help on ideas to get cat to use house i got her

    Ok so i was still having trouble getting the cat to go into its home and its so cold outside so i bought this and put it in the box my brother moved the house into the corner of the porch and got her to go in she has been laying in there for hours now.i think this may have done the job. but i...
  13. heraymo

    feral or shy

    That breaks my heart.
  14. heraymo

    Need help on ideas to get cat to use house i got her

    yes she is a sweetheart very very friendly and  r family enjoys her company
  15. heraymo

    Need help on ideas to get cat to use house i got her

    I'm in a pickle i bought a home for my kitty its really nice it has a front flap door so she can get in it's made of cedar to keep her warm and has a 1 way escape door encase unwelcome guest should show up but i can't seem to get her to use. i don't force her in but i need some ideas cause...
  16. heraymo


    I was led here cause i stepped on my cats foot /sigh but the site has really hellped sorry for the late hello but i'm glad to intriduce myseld finally. I have a stray none feral kitty been taking care of her for almost a year now she is so kind and loving she has made my life more happy since...
  17. heraymo

    I'm so Angry and Heartbroken

    ok i'm thinking she has gotten over her trauma and its a relief i'm going to be more careful around her also cause i rather it not happen again she is a great cat for a stray and i don't want her to leave.Thks for the help on this forum ive learned a lot and hope to learn more about these crazy...
  18. heraymo

    I'm so Angry and Heartbroken

    had a good step today she ran up to me let me pet her a little bit then went on her businness i thinking she is coming around but i need to make slow movements cause fast movements  seem to freak her out. i have noticed she stays away from my feat which actually a good thing.
  19. heraymo

    I'm so Angry and Heartbroken

    She is still running from me today but i bent over stuck my hand out and talked softly she started to roll on her back i wasnt sure if it was defensive or not but i gave her a small peice of fish and backed away.
  20. heraymo

    I'm so Angry and Heartbroken

    Earlier this year a stray adopted us. we fed it we play with it. I even bought a ceder house to try and keep it warm dureing the winter. but the other day i stepped on it's paw the scream was so horrible and i can't get it outta my head. but ever since she run's from me outside she will play...