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  1. margd

    Two Bereaved Cats Near Los Angeles Need Homes

    Well, I remembered to ask my daughter for more information about George and Gracie's new home but she's having a problem finding out anything. But they do have a home and they are together so that is what counts! Thank you again, everyone for helping these sweet kitties!
  2. margd

    Two Bereaved Cats Near Los Angeles Need Homes

    Yes, they found homes together! :bunnydance: Thank you @Furballsmom for sending me a PM and reminding me to check in. I'm really sorry that I didn't let everyone know sooner. The same daughter who asked me to post has been having medical "adventures" and I've been totally distracted. I...
  3. margd

    Mystery Solved? Why Cats Eat Grass?

    That's the title of an article in the newsletter put out by Science yesterday, 8/8/19. Mystery solved? Why cats eat grass. It's based on research reported at the annual meeting of the International Society for Applied Ethology in Bergen, Norway by Benjamin L. Hart, Lynette A. Hart and Abigail...
  4. margd

    Meow Trivia - Click To Help Shelter Cats And Free The Ocean.

    Both right today! Freekibble Kat
  5. margd

    post funny picture and memes here

    Another not funny, but really sweet one...
  6. margd

    Meow Trivia - Click To Help Shelter Cats And Free The Ocean.

    Both right, today! :clapcat: Freekibble Kat
  7. margd

    Two Bereaved Cats Near Los Angeles Need Homes

    Thank you SO much @tarasgirl06 and @Mamanyt1953 for spreading the word! Hopefully, that one special human is out there who can give these sweetie pies a new home! :redheartpump: :catlove: :catlove: :redheartpump:
  8. margd

    Two Bereaved Cats Near Los Angeles Need Homes

    I just realized that I should have included the link to the original Facebook post. Even if you can't help these little "orphans" with a home, please consider spreading the news! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...whatever, everything helps! And thank you @Kat0121 for the bump! :rock:
  9. margd

    Two Bereaved Cats Near Los Angeles Need Homes

    This is something a lot of us worry about, that our beloved kitties will find themselves homeless if they survive us. George (6) and Gracie (10) find themselves in just that scary situation because their human passed away recently, leaving them in desperate need of a home. George Gracie I...
  10. margd

    Contest July 2019 Picture Of The Month: Dignified Cats

    Chula maintaining her dignity under trying circumstances.
  11. margd

    Cats In Boxes!

    Paul testing out the latest box.
  12. margd

    The Acronym Game Is Baaack!!

    Attire A troublesome tiger interrupted Randy's exercise.
  13. margd

    Contest June 2019 Picture Of The Month: Cat's Whiskers!

    Entry Sylvia, my loving Grandcat
  14. margd

    The Acronym Game Is Baaack!!

    Gigs Giraffes ignore grooming servals.
  15. margd

    Studies Reveal Cats Rival Dogs In Intelligence.

    @bengalcatman Thank you so much for this fascinating perspective. Your description of the different ways cats and humans experience and prioritize the visual images from the meadow points out how difficult it is to interpret these cognition studies. Certainly it makes sense that top level...
  16. margd

    Midi (Midnight) says hello

    I just saw this update on your very special old man and am so relieved to hear that he’s stable and feeling better, though of course wish he had not felt sick to begin with. If it is any comfort, my Wesley was diagnosed with kidney disease when he was 12 but had seven more good years. When he...
  17. margd

    Tree Question.

    Hmmm. I don’t know what happened to the rest of my answer but one of the possibilities I mentioned was that the sapling could be a volunteer that germinated and took hold in the middle of the stump, if that middle area was breaking down and forming a nice compost. It sounds like that’s a real...
  18. margd

    Game - Cat Acronyms

    Tricks Tigers rarely ingest careless kids shoes.
  19. margd

    Tree Question.

    Can you post a photo of it? It probably is best to remove the stump and plant a healthy young maple sapling there, as others have suggested but there are exceptions to every rule. The fact that the sapling is growing from the center of the tree rather than from the side as suckers usually do...
  20. margd

    Question Of The Day. Saturday 18th Of May.

    Stephen Colbert.