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  1. Draco

    Life's Betta With A Fish

    I'd keep an eye on facebook market place (if you're on facebook) or other local buy/sell. I am always seeing aquariums for sale. I'd rather buy another than to reseal. as always, if buying used, sit the tank outside and fill with water over night to test for leaks
  2. Draco

    Life's Betta With A Fish

    The betta will most likely go after the guppies- or any other fish with larger tails- I'd be prepared for that. Ghost shrimps will not really help with the cycling, they produce such little waste. Since you can't find ammonia, I suggest starting the cycle with a betta- they are extremely hardy...
  3. Draco

    Not cat related

    Congrats!! I can't imagine the joy you are feeling to spoil a grandchild!
  4. Draco

    Show Off Your Photography

    Tonight’s moon
  5. Draco

    Show Off Your Photography

    Thanks :) here’s another shot as well.
  6. Draco

    Question of the day - Thursday 10 October

    "Frank".. some reason the FR I can't properly formulate. and for the live of me.. "Apocalypse" (And can never spell it either!! thank goodness for spellcheck) had the hardest time with aluminum for the longest time too.
  7. Draco

    Show Off Your Photography

    Been a while since I’ve posted. I bought a new camera last week and loving it
  8. Draco

    So... Who's playing Pokemon Go?

    I know, this thread is old. Sort of picked up the game again. Looking for some people to add to my friends list! whether you play or not, help me (And others) make goals. Need to add 3 new friends My trainer code: 9060 7174 4460
  9. Draco

    The Weight Loss Support Group 2019

    hey all. Decided to jump on here :) I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2012, and since then my weight has gained. I tried everything to lose it. Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, nutritionists, gluten-free. it worked for a short time, but my weight just went right back up and then some- all...
  10. Draco

    What Do You Have On The Front Of Your Refrigerator?

    Magnets, photos of my nieces and a printout of food I am allowed to eat on the Keto Diet to help keep me in line
  11. Draco

    Do You Shop For School?

    I don't school shop for myself, don't need the items. But I always like to walk down the school supply aisle more for nostalgic feelings. It was always my favorite thing to do, pick out the pencils, the notebooks, the trapper keeper with Lisa Frank designs on them (even though they don't have...
  12. Draco

    Dog Help Please!

    Oops forgot about this thread, sorry! She eventually comes when called. took a few days. I was wondering maybe she was in shock that "Daddy" wasn't home and she wasn't used to routine? After about 5 days she's been really good about coming when called.
  13. Draco

    Question Of The Day - Thursday 1st August

    Mattress Topper. This one could be interesting......
  14. Draco

    Looking For A Fish Forum Site

    @kashmir64 Some of the sites @sabrinah had posted are good ones! Since you mentioned Nudibranch, I am feeling like he has saltwater tank? If so: I belong to several saltwater forums and found no issues with them. of course there's some odd rude people that are bound to happen on any site you...
  15. Draco

    Dog Help Please!

    She's on a long leash, but despite that she sits and won't move. The leash is pretty light-weight I think. Even I tried hooking the leash on a chair and went inside she won't move
  16. Draco

    Dog Help Please!

    I could use some help. I am presently petsitting for my parents' 2 dogs for 2 weeks while they are away. 1 dog (Rocco) is a good dog. Old but a good dog. The other, Belle, is about 3 years old. And. Is. Not. Trained! She's a good really sweet dog, but does NOT listen. She's Unmotivated. She's...
  17. Draco

    Question Of The Day, Friday, July 19

    Crybaby gumballs or warheads. I'd get them from the ice cream man every time he'd come around. I loved the lemon warheads! I haven't seen crybaby around (though i haven't looked). I saw warheads a few years ago and it did not taste the same as I remember
  18. Draco

    Cats At Workplace

    several years ago I had to take my cats with me to work as they were spraying my apartment. Monet hated it, he was in his carrier snarling the entire time. Cassie just relaxed and hung out on my desk, she didn't wander anywhere
  19. Draco

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, July 9

    Saltwater and Reef keeping, great little hobby I could go on for hours about if I didn't end up boring anyone
  20. Draco

    What Kind Of Car....?

    My mom' car, a Crown Victoria. I don't remember the year.. somewhere between 95-98? My instructor was impressed I did a parallel park perfectly in a car that size, lol