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  1. susanm9006

    Name Three Things - 2019

    Spent the morning pulling nails in the bathroom. The demo guy missed dozens. After cleaning up I took a drive to the shower door shop where I was stunned to see what glass doors cost. I may have to use a shower curtain for a year or two depending on where the rest of the bathroom expenses...
  2. susanm9006

    Can you teach a kitten to sleep through the night?

    In my experience the chance of getting a single kitten to sleep through the night is very small. The chance of getting two kittens to sleep through is non existent. Regardless of what you feed them or how much you play with them at some time before morning they are going to wake up and play...
  3. susanm9006

    Urgent - Would like some advice

    I would call that charity immediately assuming they have a wildlife rescue or can direct you to one.
  4. susanm9006

    I love my cat, but i dont like her anymore.

    If you are going to live in close quarters with your cats then you need to figure out what to with your allergies. Shots would be the best alternative.
  5. susanm9006

    Question of the Day, Sunday 10 November, 2019

    Probably my all time favorite book is a Stephen King novel, Duma Key. Like all his novels it does have an element of horror/supernatural but this is also a beautifully written novel about perseverance and resilience. There is a phrase used often in the novel, “I can do this” that helped me...
  6. susanm9006

    Name Three Things - 2019

    Such a good day yesterday. I was able to pick out paint colors, confirm my vanity choice and bonus, get my order placed for my shower pan and surround. Today after gym I am going to pick up some lumber. I have some reinforcing to do for future grab bars and other stuff plus an idea for a...
  7. susanm9006

    Planning My Wedding - Lari is married!

    Congratulations Lari.
  8. susanm9006

    small, preferably 1oz freezable ziplock bags?

    I have a silicon pan you can make six mini meatloafs in that I use to free small quantities of sauces. They hold about three ounces but you don’t need to fill them that full. Then you freeze, pop them out and put them in a freezer bag.
  9. susanm9006

    Recs for a good OTC anti-inflammatory remedy for chronic neck and back pain?

    It’s crazy isn’t it? My mom has had one for many years and they used to be extremely expensive.
  10. susanm9006

    Name Three Things - 2019

    That just sounds like a whole lot of work. Bet you will feel sore tomorrow! I take it the non show helper is gone for good?
  11. susanm9006

    Laser pointer problems

    If the cat seems to love the laser pointer I would use it to play with him as often as you are able. When he gets tired or frustrated he will quit and I wouldn’t worry about it. And even though he doesn’t seem to like other toys keep introducing something new at least every few months. You...
  12. susanm9006

    Name Three Things - 2019

    I finished insulating in the bathroom yesterday so I am taking at least part of the day off today to visit the cabinet store to match paint samples and double check measurements off the vanity I am ordering. I also need to fill all of the feeders and pick up some corn for the squirrels.
  13. susanm9006

    Question of The Day. Saturday 9th of November

    Never married. A couple of serious relationships but just not the right time, or the right man.
  14. susanm9006

    Recs for a good OTC anti-inflammatory remedy for chronic neck and back pain?

    Look online at TENS units. It is a pad you put on your sore area with wires that go to a battery pack you can stick in a pocket that operates it and electronically blocks the pain. These have been around a long time for chronic pain but used to be much more expensive and prescribed. Now you...
  15. susanm9006

    It's A Beautiful Day! - The Positive Thread 2019

    That is wonderful news, Lizzie!
  16. susanm9006

    The 2019 Exercise Motivation Thread

    Too many people think starting exercise is like the people on the biggest loser, crying and puking from exercise. You need instead to start slow and easy, don’t do anything too hard or that makes you too sore. The important thing is that you find a way to add some form of exercise into your...
  17. susanm9006

    Question of the Day, Friday, November 8

    I grew up about four miles from where I am now living. It was a rural area then, with just a couple blocks of homes surrounded by lots of farm fields. I moved into the city at 17 and moved back to my old neighborhood ten years later, first in an apartment and then in the home I purchased. I...
  18. susanm9006

    The 2019 Exercise Motivation Thread

    That is just wonderful! I am sure you are feeling so relieved to have Lizzie back and I am sure she is pretty happy as well.
  19. susanm9006

    Question of the day - Thursday 7 Nov

    I am a Libra.
  20. susanm9006

    It's A Beautiful Day! - The Positive Thread 2019

    With nothing to do while the plumber worked in the bathroom this afternoon I bundled up (26 degrees out) and did the last of the pre winter yard work. Wrapping bushes to protect from hungry bunnies, cutting down the raspberries and clearing the last of the perennials. And despite the temps it...