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    Weight Control Help!

    Hello! We just brought our cats to their annual checkup and I need some urgently help. One of them is borderline diabetic, weighting 18 pounds. I just feel so bad that we did not notice before :( he has always been a mellow cat and never gorges or eats to much but still, I'm his mom.... The...
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    Help!!! I do not know what to do! Cats suddenly turned aggressive

    Hi All, Please help us, we're so confused. Our cats have suddenly turned aggressive towards each other! The story is the following. Yesterday a stray walked in front of the window where Soshi was sitting (on the inside) and started to taunt him though the closed window. Soshi of course got...
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    raw suppliers for Texas?

    Hi All, For a while I've considering the idea of trying raw food for Akodo and Soshi, my two furries. Everywhere I've searched the favourite supplier of meat and meat blends is Hare Today, and I can see why. But sadly I live in Texas, so the shipping is even more than the value of the meats...
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    Health nutrition help?

    I do not know if to post this here or under nutrition, so if it needs to me moved please go ahead,  esteemed moderators One of our cats, Soshi has started to regurgitate his food. Is not every day, and is clearly regurgitation and not vomit. The pellets are whole and almost dry, save for some...
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    Litterbox and litter questions?

    Hullo!! question for the Hive mind. Have you tried mixing clumping litter with crystals? I ask because Soshi and Akodo use the same litterbox (which we need to change because It has become a bit small for both of them). Now we're using Tidy Cats instant which is awesome at clumping, but not so...
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    Sensitive stomach - possible causes and possible foods

    Ok, quick context, tough you have probably seen it from other threads. Yesterday we brought our new cat, Soshi home. In the shelter they told us he has a sensitive stomach, so he could be prone to diarrhea. In the shelter they gave him IAMS (EN?) and for him we bought a small bag of Purina ONE...
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    Curious introduction

    Hullo!, Finally after beating the bush for some time, we got our second cat yesterday. We got to the Municipal shelter of Plano and asked for a cat that is used to other cats and very playful because Akodo (our resident cat) is hyperactive and like to play a lot. The volunteers at the shelter...
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    Meet Soshi, ninja master in training!!!

    Yesterday we brought our second furry companion to home, to keep Akodo company while we're out working. Meet Soshi, the Ninja Master (In training XD) He was rescued by Operation Kindness in Plano,TX and it looks like he was part of a T&R program because one of his ears is notched (the right...
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    Cat groomers for North Dallas/Plano/Frisco

    Hola!! (Hello!) With spring and summer coming I'm a bit worried about Akodo, he absolutetly refuses to be brushed, at most he would tolerate 2 or 3 passes, and he's been shedding a lor more hair in the last month. To the point to when I pet him I would get clumps of hair stuck to my hand...
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    Complimentary Jerky?

    Hullo all! Has ever anyone fed jerky to their cats? I ask becasue mine now is on wet + a bit of dry each day, but calories wise the difference between the 5 oz can and his amount is so little (50 cals or so) that I thought of replacing the dry with some pieces of human grade jerky once the bag...
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    Blue Buffalo pervasive advertising

    I just got this from the news... Anyone has more info? As it is, it looks we'll be switching brands... again***-Blue-Buffalo-Caught-Lying-About-Pet-Food-Ingredients# A extract of the note:
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    Designing a wet-dry mixed diet for transition

    Hullo again, Yes yes, i know... lots of thread from this newbie :) But here's my next question. When we adopted Akodo he was eating Science's at the shelter. I really don't trust that brand so we switched to Blue Buffalo Wilderness and at the beggining is that fine, but the last weeks he would...
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    I need help with Akodo - he's an aggressive player

    Hullo! I really need help with Akodo, our two year old ginger male. He loves to play... with out feet and hands. He will stalk us around the house, and pounce on us at random times. At the beginning it did not hur much, but recently he has become more persistent and strong in his biting, to the...
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    Akodo's Mum, first time here!

    Hello fellow cat gents/ ladies. I found this site looking for help on choosing a food for my feline hurricane Akodo. I love him to pieces, but he hasso much energy that I tire just looking at him, and he's 2 years old :) I still have a lot of questions so I'll be posting around quite...