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    Peeing right by litterbox!

    My cat is peeing right by his litterbox! He pees in all sorts of places. When he goes to the corner where he usually pees I have to keep a toy right by me when I watch tv to distract him so he wont go over there. I have recieved great advice and I had his urine checked months back, but I'm going...
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    What Does Your Siggy Look Like?

    Post some of your favorite siggies here. Show them off to others. What do they look like!?? This thread is just for those of you wanting to show off your beautiful kitties! Post your Pictures and Siggies here!!
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    What Do You Think Of LitterMaid Boxes?

    Does anyone here use a littermaid box? I use one. My cats love it. I have heard that some cats are scared of the noise it makes and that you shouldn't use them. What do you think of them?
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    my vet says...that this is a good website!!
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    does anyone have a cat that has crystaluria?? my cat does. he has had a peeing problem. he doesnt go in the litter box, but my vet said that he has crystaluria which is the cause of having crystal in his urine. just wondering if anyone has a cat that has the same thing. but medication and a new...
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    is it normal for cats to get sick a lot?

    my cat gets sick a lot. I think its from his kitty food. does any1 have any suggestions to what kind of food i should try using? suggest some sensitive stomach food please!
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    Ugh Peeing Problem

    Uhh...I am having complete trouble with my neutered male cat. He wont stop peeing on the carpet!! I think he might be spraying. He does go pee and poop in his box...because I see him do it. I always see pee spots on my carpet and I cant stop this constant issue! I'm getting frustrated but I love...