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    Petal stopped eating one of her 2 favourite foods

    Hello everyone: Just worrying about my 16 3/4 yo female, Petal. She is a fussy eater. She has never eaten wet food, though I have tried many types over the years! She was doing very well on Hill’s I/D and Purina Cat Chow Complete. She had stopped vomiting every few days and was eating...
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    Cartrophen for arthritis in 16 yo

    Hi Everyone: My vet has suggested this drug for my 16 yo girl. She is showing some signs of arthritis in her legs. She has some problems squatting in the litter box. Does anyone have experience with this drug? Is there anything to watch out for in the way of side effects? Thanks!
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    Subq Fluids - Questions

    Hello all you lovely cat lovers. I am feeling depressed since my vet told me my 16 yo girl is in early kidney disease. I have managed (with husband’s help) to inject 60 ml of subq fluids every 3 days. This has really helped with her constipation. She now deficates with larger stools and does...
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    Kitty Won’t Drink From Fancy Fountain

    My 16 year old girl, Petal, is going to the vet for a checkup soon. She is a little constipated so, you guys suggested I get a plug in fountain to encourage her to drink more water. I spent the money, assembled the fountain and she does not use it! It is situated beside a large glass salad...
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    16 Year Old Female Dsh Has Hard Feces

    Hi All: Compared to a lot of your kitties’ health issues, I know this is not such a big deal. It is concerning, nevertheless. My beautiful girl has started to occasionally drop feces outside of the box. She gets very upset when they stick to her and won’t fall off in the box, so she tries...
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    Cerenia From Online Pharmacy?

    Hi All: I am giving my kitty 1/4 tab of Cerenia alternate days. The vet here charges $6.91 Cdn per pill. This is more/pill than we pay for my husband's heart medication! I checked 1-800Petmeds. They do not ship Cerenia to Canada. Does anyone in Canada have a good experience with an...
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    16 Year Old Girl Stopped Liking Pill Pockets

    Hello Fellow Cat Lovers: I have a 16 yo DSH female. She is a gentle kitty and up until now was taking Cerenia for anti nausea every other day. I was originally successful using pill pockets. Then, she stopped liking them. We have been through every flavour of pill pocket, even tried “dog”...
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    Purina Fancy Feast And Senior Cat

    Hello all you cat people! I have a lovely 14 year old DSH female. She was recently sick with an upper respiratory infection. The vet prescribed antibiotics and she is better. She stopped eating during her illness. The only food she would eat is the Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold With...