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    Question About Purina Pro Plan

    Hi everyone I'm sorry if this question seem silly and a little bit funny, but as a muslim I'm completely forbidden to touch any pork products. So I wish you won't judge me based on this question, I just need some information and confirmation :) So my question is about Purina Pro Plan...
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    Kitten Sneezing, Vomiting And Mild Diarrhea

    Hi everyone I have 7 cats at my home. 3 of them are 8 months old. 2 weeks ago, 1 of them suddenly become ill, didn't want to eat and vomiting. I brought him to the vet, and got result positive on FPV test. 12 hours later he died. Soon after that, 1 another kitten (named Leo) become ill too...
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    Kitten Vomiting, But Just One Time

    Hi I have two 5 months old kittens, 1.5 months ago they survived from FPV, their diarrhea has been stopped, and they look active again as usual. But suddenly tonight one of them vomiting brown liquid like this photo. But after that he didn't vomit again, and he looks pretty normal (stay eating...
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    3 Kittens Vomiting After Deworming/panleukopenia.

    I have 3 kittens, almost 4 months old Last night one of them vomiting so bad, one of the vomit contained roundworm I brought him to the vet, and he was given a deworming medicine The bad news is another 2 kittens ate the vomit from this kitten (I was panicked and didn't see another 2 kittens...