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  1. helen725

    My cat Monte just got his blood work back - kidney values are a bit high

    My cat Monte is 12 years old and we just got the bloodwork back from his checkup. Our vet said that his bloodwork was okay except his kidney levels were higher. I'm not familiar with the numbers or what they mean but our vet said that normal kidney levels should be at at 150 and Monte's was at...
  2. helen725

    I had to say goodbye to my dear sweet little guy Shelby on June 26, 2015

    Shelby was a one of a kind cat, like I've never had seen before. He was so good natured. I could pick him up any time and he would never complain. You know when you would pick up a cat and they get all squirmy and try to get away? Shelby would never do that. He was like a little doll. So...