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  1. di and bob

    Featured FELV help!

    You are right, those tests are notoriously wrong. My 3 cats have FeLV, and the only way I knew something was wrong was a URI that was so bad, and he had lost so much weight, that the vet said he had 'days' to live. his white blood cell count was almost nonexistent, and his test came back...
  2. di and bob

    Guilty Feeling or Just Grief?

    I never got another dog after my Yorkie died, he was my whole life and I never desired another. There was never a hole in my life, he will always fill it. I didn’t have a choice when my Chrissy was killed, I already had other cats. And I even resented them for a while. But cats come into your...
  3. di and bob

    Question of the Day, Sunday December 10th

    Most kids hate onions but grow up liking them. I know my husband always said he hated onions and rice when i first met him. i ground the onion in things, he didn't know, and after he was done, I told him he ate it and enjoyed it. Rice I had to make tasty and FORCE him to take a bite. He now...
  4. di and bob

    Lucy tearing jaw apart...

    I agree with that! I have had some ferals with really horrific injuries, big gaping wounds, and they healed.....
  5. di and bob

    Lucy tearing jaw apart...

    You might ask the vet about Zertec, 1/2 tab rolled up in half a cat Pill Pocket, and 1/4 dropper of CBD oil which i get behind the counter at the pharmacy. They have worked wonders for my cat that scratches huge holes into her skin. But always ask your vet first.
  6. di and bob

    Question of the Day, Sunday December 10th

    I think so, especially observing how your parents and friends react to certain food, though that is a 'learned' behavior. All I know is when I was pregnant with my first child, about a hundred yeras ago, I developed a serious 'craving' for hot and spicy food. I HAD to have it, even though it...
  7. di and bob

    I want to tell you about Lou.

    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul......I loved reading about Lou and you. That is why we are here, to let you write Lous' story and to pay tribute to such a beautiful boy. It was heartwarming and such a beautiful story. All stories must end, and though yours ended much sooner than any of...
  8. di and bob

    When a fighting spirit isn't enough - life is harsh and unfair - but you are not alone

    thank you so much for sharing your story. You were such a comfort to her and prolonged a life that didn't have much hope 4 years ago. Then you filled it with love and happiness, all she ever wanted......sadly, sometimes we do all we are capable of and it still isn't enough. You did so much...
  9. di and bob

    Solong Garfield

    Since all my inside cats are orange, this hits home.....There is just something about an orange cat that makes you happy. You are so right. he is just fine now, no more fear, no more unknown. He is at peace because he received so much love and happiness in the last two years, it is exactly what...
  10. di and bob

    How bad is cheese and dairy for cats?

    i agree with the above, cheese,(not fresh cheese, store bought is fine) cottage cheese, cream, whipped cream (sugar free) and butter have very small amounts of lactose, which is what causes stomach upset in those who are lactose intolerant. As long as you aren't giving huge amounts there...
  11. di and bob

    We lost our 4 and half year old cat last week to a bladder rupture

    I'm so so sorry for your pain......I, too don't believe there was anything further to be done that wasn't done already. Please don't torture yourself with all those should haves and could haves that pop up at times like these, it brings nothing but heartache. Your precious boy would be the last...
  12. di and bob

    How to know if someone’s caring for a feral?

    That’s exactly it. I can’t see my little females incision at all. I can feel the part that came apart a little bit and developed more scar tissue though yeah @IndyJones, I’ve seen both. Does depend on the vet. I’ve see a slant too.
  13. di and bob

    How to know if someone’s caring for a feral?

    Yes I would have never known about it either until I started into TNR myself with the local ferals. (And a few neighborhood cats that were constantly pregnant) now I see quite a few of them!
  14. di and bob

    How to know if someone’s caring for a feral?

    When the TNR program first came out years ago, many groups started trapping, neutering and releasing large amounts of cats. Vets started noticing ferals were being brought in that were already spayed/neutered. The females were opened up in surgery before they found out. They needed a way to...
  15. di and bob

    Do rainy days make your kitty sleepy?

    My outside cats do, there is nothing else! My inside cats sleep all day regardless, maybe you notice it more because you are having nothing to do! LOL
  16. di and bob

    How to know if someone’s caring for a feral?

    Yes, if you are worried about attracting wildlife, pick up the food at night. Cats very quickly learn when you set out food if you do it at the same time. i would start by getting her used to eating from you, then slowly move the food nearer to your house. You could get a large plastic dog...
  17. di and bob

    Question of the Day, Sunday December 3rd

    Of course! I have always been interested in abandoned properties, especially those in the country, that are half fallen down. we still go through my husband's grandparents' house in the country out of town. He explains his memories of each room. I love to imagine what it was like living in them...
  18. di and bob

    Guilty Feeling or Just Grief?

    I still grieve eleven years later.....Not nearly as often, not nearly as hard, but it is still there. I always will, the hardest part of grieving is forgiving yourself. If you have a direct part in their dying, forgiveness is impossible. I went to get the mail across the street, after checking...
  19. di and bob

    I put my cat to sleep yesterday - asking for opinion

    You heal with of the periods of grieving is anger, against the one you love and directed at yourself. There is always guilt too, not one of us is perfect. I remember yelling at my boy because he fell off the counter, he was that weak. It scared me so badly. I was SO mortified I did...