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  1. ileen

    Cat Limping Intermittently

    My 4-5 year old cat Luciano started limping on his rear right leg the other day. He doesn't always do it. As near as I can figure, he does it when he wakes up from sleeping or lying in the same position for a while. It's possible he injured himself jumping when I wasn't around, and when he jumps...
  2. ileen

    Share Your Favorite Holiday Recipe!

    I have an idea for for the holidays - perhaps we could each share a favorite recipe and swap yummyness. I will start: Cranberry-Rosemary Muffins (makes about 6 large muffins) 1 1/2 c flour 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/3 c agave nectar 3/4 c milk (soy/almond/cow’s/rice/etc) 1/8 c...
  3. ileen

    Using Emoticon?

    :bicolorcat: If a moderator could assist me, I'd love to be able to use this fabulous icon of yours elsewhere; it looks very much like my Luciano. Please advise if this is possible - this would indeed be a big pawsitive for me.
  4. ileen

    Lost Cat - Montreal

    A colleague in our Montreal office has a cat who has been lost for about two weeks. If you live around the West Island area of Montreal and see a black cat roaming around looking lost, please let me know & I'll put you in contact with her.
  5. ileen

    Cat Eating Jewelry

    This is a new one for me. I came out of the shower to see Luciano had flipped open my jewelry box & was in the process of eating one of my gold necklaces. He had the chain halfway down his throat & the locket was dangling out of his mouth. I said No! loudly & was able to pull it out of his mouth...
  6. ileen

    Sweet Esperanza 14 Months Old

    My cousin's kitty Esperanza was hit by a car and killed. She was a little more than a year old and was rescued along with her sister Sura by my cousin in Mexico on her 12th birthday. My cousin already had two cats, but saw these two kittens on a garbage pile when they were about 8 weeks old...
  7. ileen

    New Gatos On The Block

    I hope it's okay to create a thread for cats that don't actually live with me. My young cousin has four cats and I've encouraged her to post here; I hope she does. Two of the cats came with her family when they moved to Mexico a couple of years ago. Harry is the eldest at 8 years old. He is grey...
  8. ileen

    Luciano Throwing Up Cardboard (i Think); Dietary Issue?

    For about a week, Luciano hasn't been eating his wet food, none of the four flavors he used to enjoy. He was still eating his dry food, still drinking, still normal output in the litter box & I figured it was a phase. I was a bit concerned he wasn't getting his prozac, which is usually in his...
  9. ileen

    Cat & Kitten In Westchester, Ny Need Home

    A co-worker is looking for a home for Mocha the cat & Espresso the kitten. Take a look at the video - Espresso is high energy, aptly named, and a love bug. Mocha is also a dear.
  10. ileen

    Pet Insurance: Yea Or Nay?

    Do most pet owners have pet insurance? How did you decide whether or not to get it? After the second emergency vet appointment for Luciano in a month, I'm considering it. The rate I can get through work includes a $250 annual deductible, $7500 annual maximum & pays 90% of vet bills, excluding...
  11. ileen

    Cat Ate Laundry Bag Cord - Help!

    I think he ate it Saturday overnight, but he didn't eat his Saturday evening feeding or any of his Sunday food. I came home Sunday night to 6-7 areas of vomit on the floor & before I went to bed he also vomited on my bedspread, which is quite rare since he usually does it on the floor. When I...
  12. ileen

    Biting, Scratching Aggressive Cat, Advice Requested

    I'm starting this thread on the advice of @calicosrspecial but welcome advice from all parties. This may be long but I will try to summarize as best I can. Luciano moved in with me Dec 2016. From April-Dec he mostly lived upstairs at my neighbor's apartment, but he was too aggressive with her...
  13. ileen

    Vomitting Cat - Any Aftercare Needed?

    Luciano has thrown up I think three times total since he came to live with me in early December. I don't know if there's any difference between vomiting and coughing up hairballs. but I'm talking about that weird peristalsis motion you can see in their stomachs with accompanying bizarre sound...
  14. ileen

    What Breed Is Ling?

    This is my neighbor's cat Ling. She is full grown, but tiny. I am short, so don't be fooled by her looking longer than my thighs. Her tail is very fluffy & her legs are shortish too. I was joking that maybe she is part skunk. Anyone have ideas?
  15. ileen

    My Neighbor's Beauties

    I'm helping to look after my neighbors cats for a few weeks while she's away. She has four cats. One of them (Little Grey) is too skittish/camera shy to photograph. Here are the others: First is Dot. He was born in her closet & is all black except for a tiny bit of white (dot at the very end of...
  16. ileen

    Eating String Question

    Luciano has eaten string twice now; once was a green string that attached feathers to a wand & the second time was the day before yesterday when he ate at least a foot of pale string that also attached a feather toy to a wand. Aside from keeping the toy away from him when I'm not using it...
  17. ileen

    Please Talk Me Out Of My Resentment

    For those who have read previous threads about Luciano, you know I got him in December after he had been in a large cage from April-Dec at a neighbor's due to his aggression towards her other cats. I have struggled with his attacking/biting/scratching behavior and yesterday he got me 3x in a...
  18. ileen

    Please Help With Advice For Luciano's Aggressive Behavior

    I'm hoping to get some helpful advice here as per usual. We can't afford a behaviorist visit to the vet right now, which is what it would take to have her answer the questions I emailed her. I'm going to reprint the email below & would appreciate any comments. Thanks in advance. Luciano is...
  19. ileen

    Biting/scratching Separation Anxiety?

    Luciano has started some new-ish behavior I'd like to correct & welcome all advice. We live in a small apartment with wood floors. The hallways/stairs of the building are carpeted. For a while now, he likes going out into the hall & hanging out there. He sniffs around, especially down the hall...
  20. ileen

    Is Bathing A Short-haired Cat Necessary?

    My cat does an excellent job of grooming himself & he's an indoor-only short hair. Do I have to worry about giving him a bath ever? I've had him for over six months now & he never smells. I saw on Cat From Hell that you're supposed to wash sphinx cats once a week, which is way more than I would...