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  1. Sara J.

    My Cat Drank Low-Splash Bleach Water

    I was soaking some kitchen rags with low-splash bleach that were still stained after washing. My young kitty jumped up on the counter when my back was turned and drank a few sips. I've found several articles about bleach poisoning but none whatsoever about low-splash bleach which contains very...
  2. Sara J.

    I still grieve my Mr. Kitty.

    Though he's long been gone, Mr. Kitty holds a dear place in my heart. Oh, I tortured this cat all my childhood. 😉 I dressed him in doll clothes and rocked him like a baby. I put him in the basket of my Barbie bike and we rode around the neighborhood, and later roller skated as well. Why he put...
  3. Sara J.

    A Tale of Two Strays

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... I never intended to take in two strays nearly back to back. While there are many stray kitties in my area, unfortunately, my plan had always been to take them in one at a time, so that they had time to adjust to their new indoor environment...