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  1. tobyo

    here we go again?

    Greetings. It's been a while since I posted. We adopted Frankie at 3.5 years old(he's 5 now) and we had to confine him because he was highly stressed and was going outside the box. That was October/November 2018. He has occasional "accidents" when his box is not clean enough. Well, darling...
  2. tobyo

    And After Confinement?

    I've had this now pages long thread about my cat Frankie who had litter box issues that we think were caused by two things: stress and crystals in his urine. He'd go several days without an accident and then have one so we started confinement 3 times. He's now been released (gradually) to roam...
  3. tobyo

    New Here With Newly Adopted Adult Cat, Frankie

    Greetings. I'm new here and could use some advice. We adopted 3.5 year old Frankie on 10/5/18 from the humane society. He was so cute and hubby, daughter and I took an instant liking to him and adopted him pretty much on the spot after visiting with him for 5 minutes. The information said that...