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  1. juliejac0bs

    Whats your favorite purebred cat?

    Persian. Well I love the behavior, like it does not give a care for whatever reason and I find that adorable.
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    Let's Babble Our Way to Post #4,000,000 And Win Prizes Too!

    4m? Well that what we call cat power!
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    Do you let your cat sleep in your bed with you at night?

    Yes, I found them very comfortable to have them sleeping besides me or above my head. They wake me up in the morning, its I made a living alarm clock. They now know what time a usually wake up.
  4. juliejac0bs

    Can cats sleep with their eyes open?!

    It is quite normal for a cat to sometimes leave their eyes open or partially open during sleep. For cats, their sleep consists of two basic phases: Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, when dreams occur, and Non-REM (NREM) or deep sleep. <-- some useful info posted by petdrz, Cat Vet I guess it's...
  5. juliejac0bs

    How much do you spend on your cat every month? (Food/Litter/Treats, etc)

    True that! I spend about USD$80 each cat.. grooming cost, checkup is very costly from where i'm from. I sometimes cook my cat's food than buying commercial grade ones (saves money). I can't argue, they are such beauties!
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  7. juliejac0bs

    My baby Momo has an inflamed Pancreas.

    Poor baby Momo.   I hope he will feel better.
  8. juliejac0bs

    Crazy Behavior at Meal Time

    Yes wet food would be great, and also try different food for them. 
  9. juliejac0bs

    Cat Introduction Woes

    You have great cats! Just be patient and everything will be alright.  
  10. juliejac0bs

    Bully cat wont stop attacking my cat

    I guess you just need to set up a cat headquarters inside your house for them not to go outside anymore.
  11. juliejac0bs

    Greetings from Netherlands!

    i totally agree :)
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    Owning a cat is more of a choice than a decision. If you've made your choice - you won't be minding the transition and all that whatever comes in your way. I hope you'll be fine though. It takes some real dedication and if getting hurt is one of those things, you have to be prepared.
  13. juliejac0bs

    raw food is not safe

    Personally i feed my cat cooked food but half-cooked. I'm also skeptical feed her full raw. I know this works for others but I'm happy with my current setup and my feline companion is happy with it :)
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    Greetings from Netherlands!

    They are both lovable furries .. but can be a pain sometimes lols
  15. juliejac0bs

    How high can a cat safely jump from?

    I have to admire you took time in researching this. I stand corrected. Thanks for updating me this info. 
  16. Greetings from Netherlands!

    Greetings from Netherlands!

  17. juliejac0bs

    Greetings from Netherlands!

    Here you go :)  purr purr pwetty pwease?
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