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  1. Jcatbird

    Site Jumpingis It An Issue

    Hi! I am no expert on the site but having increasing difficulties. As I type pop ups are taking over, alerts are not coming through, pages have to reload and freezing. I have to log out and back in but even then I can’t always get in. What can I do?
  2. Jcatbird

    Heartworms In A Cat, Bj As His Story Begins.

    Hello Everyone! I just thought that since I recently took on a kitty that had lived outside, it might be helpful to others to follow his story. I’ve found that many people don’t realize cats can get heartworms in the same way that dogs get them, through a mosquito bite. It only takes one...
  3. Jcatbird

    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    I am on a limited income but have managed to rescue and rehome 32 cats. I ask everyone I meet if they know anyone who will give a fur ever home. The vet, the post man, the grocer, my doctor, nurse, tax preparer and contact every rescue group in this state and those nearby. I still have more to...