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  1. Jen2massage

    Am I crazy? (Questions, self-doubt, looking for reassurance)

    Hi everyone! First a little background: We have 2 resident cats, semi-feral orange tabby girl approx 7 years old- Sherbert, and a 3 year old tux male found as a kitten- Kubo. They get along beautifully! I feel like the luckiest cat mom in the world with these 2. Fast forward to 3 months ago...
  2. Jen2massage

    New Cat Terror

    Hi everyone! I’m new to this group, but I’m glad I found it. I need help. I’m a cat mom of 4 years. We have an orange tabby of roughly 6/7 years. She was a feral and is sweet as could be. I call her my little introvert, but she loves love, brushing, pets, and food! Lol! We also have a boy tuxedo...