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  1. charking

    Stopped All Dry Food.. Amazing Changes In Cat

    My girl Sabrina is over weight but seemingly healthy. She had a full hysterectomy at 2 and had no hormone replacement so all the food was going into body weight. Once in a while she will have trouble peeing so I take about 1/4 of a 250mg. Vitamin C tablet, no extras just straight V-C and add...
  2. charking

    Pre Probiotic good or bad

    I decided to get a pre probiotic for my cat after talking with the vet and we decided to see if this might help his digestive issues. Since the problem began when I changed his food and even changing it back did not help.  So we are trying the pre probiotics before we do more extensive and...
  3. charking

    Cat Has Consistant Loose Stools

    Like the other posters on your site, my cat Misty age 13+ is experiencing very loose bowels. Not always diarrhea  a few softly formed stool pieces in the loose portion of the stool. I have given him the ' basic pumpkin which has worked wonders in the past for short term issues but this time...
  4. charking

    Using Peppermint Oil To Repel Insects Is it Safe For Cats

    I have 2 cats one of which like the smell of my peppermint tea, he even went so far as trying to lick the wrapper of the STASH TEA bag. In the last week I have been invaded with Spiders, not exactly invaded, but I have had more than 7 in the last few days... I was told to use a few drops of...
  5. charking

    Red Swollen Bottom

    My cat Misty is a male about 10 years old. He has been healthy except for a severe bacterial infection that he has in one ear. He was on meds but has been off for some time.  I gave him some dry food that really upset his stomach and he got diarrhea pretty bad.  As usual I treated him with...