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  1. lillypie

    Whats wrong with my kittens paw?

    My 9 week old kitten has this on his paw, I just noticed it today and Im trying to figure out what it could be. Him and my 7 month old cat play pretty rough sometimes so Im not sure if this could have happened during one of their rough house sessions or what? Thanks!
  2. lillypie

    Advantage II Dosing

    Hi! I have a 7 month old kitty, Lilly, and our new addition Gerald who is 2 months old. Lilly weighs over 5 lbs and Gerald was 2.5 lbs at his last check up. We just purchased a 6 pack of Advantage II for the kitty's for flea preventative. However, the weight for the pack is 5-9 lbs, obviously...
  3. lillypie

    Adding a second cat?

    We have had Lilly for about 6 months now, she is still very much a kitten (7 months old) and is full of energy. She gets so bored and destructive, often using my hands and arms as chew toys. I have read about all the benefits that adding a second kitten could do for Lilly and we are highly...
  4. lillypie

    Best dry food

    So I combination feed Lilly, she is 5 months old. She has been on Merrick grain free now for a couple of months and she loves it! I have been doing some research on what is the "best" dry food out there. I know a lot of you don't believe in dry at all, but I do like to leave a little out for...
  5. lillypie

    Lilly's Wet Food Haul

    Today we went to Petco to check out all my wet food options for Lilly. We found a bunch of different brands on AMAZING clearance so we stocked up on a few. Here is a picture of everything we got. I would love to hear your opinions on these brands and how your kitties like them? Brands included...
  6. lillypie

    Nutro wet food?

    Is this an okay wet food? Do any of your cats like it? Its a bit cheaper than the Merrick Im feeding Lilly so I was wondering if it is worth a shot? Thanks!!
  7. lillypie

    Occasional raw meat

    Hi! I feed Lilly a combo dry/wet food diet of Merrick, I cook a lot and often have leftover raw chicken (unseasoned) left from cooking, is there any reason why I couldn't give this to Lilly in little chunks for her to enjoy occasionally? I gave her about 3-4 big chunks tonight but now I'm...
  8. lillypie

    Whole Earth Farms Canned Food

    Opinions? I saw this and I know it is made by the same people as Merrick, but it is much cheaper, my Lilly LOVES Merrick's LID Real Chicken Recipe canned food and Im wondering if I should attempt adding this to the rotation, or are the ingrediants just total crap?
  9. lillypie

    Best place to get Revolution?

    Where is the best place to buy Revolution at the best price? I see a lot of shady online websites but my vet just wants way too much for it!!! I know I can get it discounted somewhere but I don't want to get scammed or a knockoff product.. any ideas?
  10. lillypie

    Combination Feeding my Kitten

    I have been feeding Lilly, my 5 month old kitten about a cup of Merrick's Chicken Recipe dry food for awhile now, I want to transition to combination feeding both wet and dry. I got the LID merrick wet food and I just need to know how much of eat I will need to feed her. Thanks!
  11. lillypie

    Wet food vs Lilly

    So after adopting my kitty Lilly I had always planned on feeding her a mix of wet and dry food for budget reasons, she eats her dry food just fine and she enjoys wet food just the same HOWEVER, anytime I feed her the wet food she seems to have a horrible stomach reaction to the point where my...
  12. lillypie

    Kitten tummy issues

    So, Lilly is 14 weeks old, I got her when she was 6 weeks old and she has been on 3 different foods. When we first brought her home it was very impromptu and late at night so I went to walmart and picked up some Iams Kitten food, I didn't notice any issues with this food. After the Iams ran out...
  13. lillypie

    Halo's Spot Chicken Stew

    I did a lot of research on what food to feed my two kitties, and after a ton of research I decided on Halo's Chicken Stew. I was really happy with my decision until recently.. I have noticed my girl's having very very loose (almost liquid) stools. Not to mention half of the ingrediants are...
  14. lillypie


    What kind of regimen do you have your indoor kitties on? The vet recommended I used Revolution every 30 days for Lilly, and she has had her initial dose when she was 8 weeks old. It has been another 4 weeks since then and I'm wondering if she should be getting another dose? I have never seen as...
  15. lillypie

    To Microchip or not? Monthly Heartworm/Flea Preventative?

    Hello! I recently added a 13 week old kitten to the family, all of our prior cats have already been microchipped by the rescues we got them from. This time however Lilly was 6 weeks old when we got her and had absolutely nothing done to her prior to us getting her. My question is are there any...
  16. lillypie

    Can't decide what to feed my 8 week old kitten...

    I have been doing a lot of research on what is the "best" food to feed my new 8 week old kitten, Lilly. At first I was just deciding between dry foods, and then I came across the whole dry vs wet food argument and now I am even more lost. I don't want to spend a FORTUNE but I also don't want to...