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  1. Pucks104

    Am I Crazy To Even Consider?

    This goes back to how many is too many? So we have enjoyed Louie and Newman very much. Louie is so very cat like - he wants and accepts interaction and cuddles when he wants and only on his terms. He isn’t too noisy though at mealtime he gets meowy and can be bratty to the other pets while I am...
  2. Pucks104

    Louie And Newman Sick

    For a few days this week Louie seemed off. He didn’t lick his bowl clean and seemed distant and just laying around. Then last night he had a very stinky very loose poo. Today he ate a small bit of canned Instinct chicken and threw that up about 2 hours later. The rest of the day he has laid in...
  3. Pucks104

    Baby Brother Is Getting Big!

    Louie 1year and Newman 4 months
  4. Pucks104

    Cuddle Time!

    Louie settles in for some lap time!
  5. Pucks104

    Poor Doggy!

    This new extra large dog bed was meant for Becca but Louie .....
  6. Pucks104

    To New Friends!

    So Newman arrived Friday day and today is Tuesday. Louie has gone from hissing, swatting and growling to playing and grooming. Yeah!
  7. Pucks104

    Litter Box For New Kitten

    I am setting up a room for Newman to give him a space to settle in once he comes home. Should I set up the litter box and Allie Louie to check it out and possibly use it ir should I wait until I am ready to close the room off right before I go get Newman?
  8. Pucks104

    Newman The Ragdoll

    Our Louie has been at loose ends since George died. He is clingy and seems depressed. We have developed to get a Ragdoll kitten. Newman is 12 weeks old tomorrow. I hope to bring him home Saturday but we are in North Carolina and the weather is iffy this weekend with Florence coming ashore...
  9. Pucks104

    Now, Later Or Never?

    Those of you who have read about George and Louie know that we lost George to Pure Red Cell Aplasia last weekend. It’s been a hard week, harder because Louie is missing his brother. Cuddles with me more which is out of character as George was the cuddly one. Calls for George in the mornings when...
  10. Pucks104

    Goodbye Sweet George

    George succumbed to PRCA yesterday evening. He was 9 months old. We are thankful to have shared our home and hearts with sweet George for 4.5 months of his short life. We miss him.
  11. Pucks104

    Anemic I Think

    Over the past couple of weeks George hasn’t been eating very well, his gums have gotten pale and he has been lethargic. I have an appointment at the vet on Friday. Hoping for the best.
  12. Pucks104

    Another Ez Complete Question

    I have decided to try EZ Complete with George and Louie. For those of you that make a large batch, portion and freeze, what type of storage containers do you use for individual portions?
  13. Pucks104

    Better To Have Known And Lost Or Never Known?

    George and Louie have been with us for just over 3 months and have settled nicely into our home. We live in a single family home in the suburbs and probably will for 5-6 more years. After that we will probably move to a single level condo in a community with a HOA. I have begun thinking about...
  14. Pucks104

    Wondering If I Should???

    So George and Louie have lived with us since March 25th. They are 7.5-8 months old and have settled into our home so nicely. They are beautiful kitties and are so easy to live with. When we were deciding about whether or not to get a kitten we discussed adopting versus purchasing a purebred...
  15. Pucks104

    Baby Gate Issue

    George and Louie are growing up and are getting to the point the going through the vertical posts of the baby gates is tight and won’t be possible before long without them getting stuck. We use baby gates throughout the house to manage dog movements. The gates all have little doors for cats to...
  16. Pucks104

    Ordered A Litter Robot Air 3

    I decided to order a Litter Robot Air 3 for George and Louie. I do not know if they will like it but I decided to try while they are young and not too set in their ways. It will be interesting to see if they take to it. I’ll let you know!
  17. Pucks104

    Question About Including Meat

    George and Louie are 6.5 months old. At the vet last week, George weighed 8.4 lbs and Louie weighed 8 lbs. The vet said they look just the right size neither too thin nor too heavy. I feed them 4 meals per day about 3-3.5 oz at each meal for 12-14 oz per kitten per day. I have been feeding them...
  18. Pucks104

    Thoughts On Adult Size?

    George and Louie are 6 mo the old and weigh about 8 lbs each. They are DSH kittens. Any thoughts on adult size? Have they done most of their growing so that they may get end up at say 10 pounds or are they likely to get much larger?