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  1. SteveJohn

    Is it time to remove my cats tail?

    Well after many months of trying to help my cat with her tail it seems we are coming to a dead end. She was attacking her tail badly making horrible noises. Cutting it and leaving deep wounds all over. She has an X-ray there was no damage. She had her tail saved and infections drained. She was...
  2. SteveJohn

    Anyone know what this is found in litter tray?

    Hi just come to changing litter tray, put in fresh litter and found this all dried up. Started to think it may be from the cat but then haven’t noticed anything before. Anyone know what it is?
  3. SteveJohn

    How much is too much? Litter tray usage

    Well after recovering from biting her tail for weeks she is now doing well and not doing it anymore. What’s concerned me though is she seems to be using her litter tray 4 times a day sometimes 5 for a wee. She doesn’t cry out in pain whilst doing it but this morning she went once then...
  4. SteveJohn

    Cat Biting Tail And Making Horrible Fighting Sound

    she has started to do it more and more recently, she will bite her tail and make a horrible noise like a cat fighting noise and when I try stop her she will hiss at me. She goes out in the mornings at like 6:30 and I’ll pop back for lunch and she comes in about 1. She has toys, scratch post...
  5. SteveJohn

    Keeping The Cat Indoors More - Constant Moaning

    Hi so we usually let our cat out in the mornings and left out all day but over the last couple of months she has got into fights and one time got a really bad infection which the vet sorted. We decided to let her out a couple of hours and then when she comes in for food we now keep her in. She...
  6. SteveJohn

    Cat I’m Looking After Has Eaten/opened Pouches

    Looking after a cat at the moment just popping in everyday to spend time and to feed the cat etc. Walked in the kitchen and the cat has only gone and tore open the food pouches. Should I be worried? Obviously anything big she wouldn’t have swallowed/choked on them but will little bits be ok...
  7. SteveJohn

    Cat In A Window Which Looks A Mess - Rspca Called

    Well I came across this cat here in England and when I first saw it I was shocked at how bad it looked to the point it left me angry. I contacted The RSPCA ASAP and within an hour an officer went to the address. It seems the cat has a mouth tumour which is why the jaw looks like this and the...
  8. SteveJohn

    Cat Will Poo But Not Wee In The Litter Tray

    Hi All I have a cat which is outdoors quite a lot but she comes in before dark and has a litter tray in the house if she needs to go the toilet in the night and she is let out in the morning again. Noticed for a couple of weeks she isn’t actually weeing in the litter tray anymore but will pop...
  9. SteveJohn

    Cutting Cats Time Outdoors, Cruel Or For The Best?

    Well I’ve decided recently that I’ve had enough of my cat getting into fights, hurting herself literally every week and going the vets so much I’ll have my own parking space soon. I’ve never let her out at night I’ve always let her out in the morning about 6 and left the window open for her to...
  10. SteveJohn

    Cat Loud Breathing

    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been the Vet with Luna regarding her breathing. Basically she breathes loudly through her nose and it always seems clogged up. Like when she breathes in and out you can hear like snot or something in her nose and she sneezes more than I’d like, maybe 2 or 3...
  11. SteveJohn

    Cat Bite/scratch Turned Into Abscess - Crazy Amount Of Puss

    Well around 5 days ago Luna was acting strange took her Vet straight away knew something wasn’t right, he checked her but just gave antibiotics as she had a very high temp, she went back to normal but just this morning I noticed her licking a lot near her tail and there it was a big puncture...
  12. SteveJohn

    No Longer Uses Litter Trays Even If Bladder Is Full

    My Cat Luna has now completely stopped using the litter trays, probably for about 2 weeks now, she goes out in the morning about 6am - I leave the window open throughout the day for her for food and water. I get her in about 5pm before it gets dark. She was hissing at me yesterday when I tried...
  13. SteveJohn

    5 Months Old And Smashing My Place Apart

    Well it's about Luna again, she is now 5 months old and probably the naughtiest kitten I have ever seen. When I see her in the mornings she is all over me but when I leave she basically smashes the place up. I play with her as much as possible before work when I get back before sleep etc but she...
  14. SteveJohn

    Spray Kitten With Water Bottle Or Not?

    Basically my little kitten has turned out to be an absolute nutcase. I was sent a video of her playing with other kittens before I got her and she was basically beating all the other kittens up on the video so I had my suspicions and then when I picked her up the the person said "She is a...
  15. SteveJohn

    She Has Gone And The Guilt Is Eating Me Up

    Our 17 year old cat was put down a couple of days ago due to bladder stones. After finding her meowing in the house, hiding and going from room to room aswell as not eating we knew something was wrong. She also couldn't get comfy and keep moving position. After taking her to the Vet they...